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Drs. David Plotkin and David Denny to Chair Two of Marylhurst University's New Degree Programs

For Release: July 20, 2000

Marylhurst University has appointed David Plotkin, Ph.D., Chair of its English Literature and Writing Department and David Denny, Ph.D., Cultural and Historical Studies Department Chair.

While both programs focus upon a traditional core of courses, they provide an interdisciplinary approach that cross lists classes to allow students to access the benefits of more than one program on the way to a Bachelor's degree. This locates Marylhurst University at the cutting edge of what universities nationwide are beginning to explore, as academic disciplines are transformed.

Formerly David Plotkin served as Marylhurst Associate Faculty in the Department of Web-base Learning and taught at the University of California at Irvine. Dr. Plotkin holds a Ph.D. in English and a Master of Arts, English from the University of California, Irvine.

Plotkin stated, "English Literature and Writing graduates will be prepared to enter professions which require strong writing ability coupled with critical thinking skills, for instance teaching, law, communications, journalism and business."

David Denny earned his MA in Philosophy and his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from SUNY Binghamton and previously taught at the University of Portland and served on Marylhurst University's Humanities adjunct faculty.

Denny said, "The Cultural and Historical Studies major provides students with a critical and intellectual foundation from which they may explore many professions, such as education, community organization and activism, publishing, business, media and the law."

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