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Northwest's Only Music Therapy Program Opens at Marylhurst University

For Release: August 01, 2000

Music Therapy, although new to Marylhurst University, dates to primitive man and from the Renaissance to contemporary times music has become integrated with medicine.

Marylhurst's Director of Music Therapy, Christine Korb, brings real world experience to this new program. She was the practicing music therapist at the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a registered music therapist in a Milwaukee Retirement Center and served at the Acute Psychiatric Unit, Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. Korb holds a Masters Degree in Music/Music Therapy from Colorado State University. Prior to coming to Marylhurst, Korb was on the faculty at Willamette University.

"Music unites art and science," said Korb. "Through the work of a music therapist, individuals challenged in educational, physical, mental or social areas can make changes to increase the quality of life, and these outcomes are observable and measurable."

In 1986 it was Marylhurst's Art Therapy program that was admitting its first class, at a time when art therapy was relatively unknown in the northwest. Graduates found themselves educating the professional community, while taking on roles formerly held by therapists from other disciplines, such as social work and psychology. Today art therapy offers a variety of employment opportunities and the Marylhurst University Art Therapy program is the only one in the Northwest approved by the American Art Therapy Association.

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