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Creative Arts Therapies Conference at Marylhurst University

For Release: October 26, 2011

Creative arts therapists, who use techniques such as art, dance, drama, music and poetry (within the psycho-therapeutic process) to help people deal with an array of emotional and physical challenges, will gather at the fourth annual Creative Arts Therapies Association (CATA) conference to learn about new research showing the compelling impacts creative arts therapy can have on brain activity. Keynote speaker Dr. Larry Sherman, a musician and neurobiologist at Oregon Health & Science University, will discuss the neurobiological links between creative arts therapies and the brain's right hemisphere, which governs intuition and imagination, in his talk, Music and the Brain.

Sunday, November 6, 9:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Marylhurst University, Flavia Hall

On site

General admission $50, student admission $25

Carolyn Johnson, 503.442.4014


Experiential workshops will focus on three key themes: the neurobiological underpinnings of creative arts therapies, evidence-based practice, and marketing ideas creative arts therapists can use to promote their work. Attendees may earn six optional CEUs from CATA for $25.The conference is designed to nurture professional growth and provide networking opportunities for therapists as well as educators, health care professionals and others who would like to learn more about the benefits and techniques of creative arts therapies. The conference is co-sponsored by Marylhurst University and CATA.

"Marylhurst offers degree programs in art therapy counseling and music therapy," said Chris Korb, director of Marylhurst's music therapy program. "Both have creative and therapeutic significance in Oregon, serving those individuals in need of some quality of life assistance through their respective creative arts approach."

Portland CATA is an organization of Portland area creative arts therapists. Members of the group come together to network and share approaches from their different disciplines, educate health and education professionals about the benefits of creative arts therapies, and exercise political advocacy.

"All creative arts therapists are credentialed in their disciplines, which have stringent professional and ethical guidelines for training, research and clinical practice,"said dance therapist Carolyn Johnson, the leader of CATA's steering committee. "As we learn more about the neurobiological underpinnings of cognitive, bodily and emotional experience and their relationship to artistic expression, we can become better practitioners of creative arts therapies."

About Marylhurst

Marylhurst University, a private liberal arts university 10 miles south of Portland, Ore. on Highway 43, is regionally accredited and nationally recognized for innovation and academic excellence in serving adult learners. More than 1,900 students earn degrees on campus and online. Marylhurst offers 20 undergraduate degrees, 9 graduate degrees and 13 professional certificates, all of which integrate the liberal arts with professional studies to prepare students as interdisciplinary thinkers and ethical leaders.

About Portland Creative Arts Therapies Association

The Portland Creative Arts Therapies Association (CATA) is a voluntary group formed in 2008. Creative arts therapies promote the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive and social functioning; enhance self-awareness; and facilitate change and healing. We welcome creative arts therapists, health workers, and others who use the arts and creative processes for intentional intervention in therapeutic, rehabilitative, community or educational settings to foster health, communication and expression.


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