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Excellence in Teaching

Nominations for Marylhurst University's Excellence in Academic Service and Teaching Award are submitted by students and colleagues. The Faculty Development Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the academic deans.

Here are the 2014 award recipients, each of whom richly deserves this recognition:

Torey Browne
Communication Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Business

Torey Browne has been with the Marylhurst community for 12 years, first as a communication studies undergrad, then as an interdisciplinary studies graduate student and now as an adjunct faculty member in three departments: communication studies, interdisciplinary studies and the School of Business. Before academia, her diverse professional career has included surgical nursing, nonprofit management, training and consulting in the field of intercultural communication. She currently is an adviser to the World Health Organization and the International Olympic Committee for the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro. One student reported: "She was brilliant in her methods of teaching an online course. She utilized writing and discussion responses as ways to check understanding. She made students feel valued and never afraid to ask questions."

Laura Moulton
English Literature & Writing

Laura Moulton founded Street Books, a bicycle-powered mobile library serving people who live outside in Portland. She has taught writing in public schools and currently at Marylhurst University and Lewis & Clark College. Her social practice art projects have included postal workers, immigrants and prisoners. She holds an MFA from Eastern Washington University. One of Laura's students stated "Laura demonstrated for her students that writing about the homeless can open up the writer's heart to the disadvantaged, and through this type of writing, we can discover aspects about our own selves in the process."

Meg Roland
English Literature & Writing

Meg Roland teaches classes in medieval literature, book history and the relationship between maps and literature. She also leads a study abroad class that takes students to London and Rome for three weeks in September. She collaborates with her colleagues to support the community of the English department. Her students commented: "Meg teaches very specific material, and material that can be challenging, but it's her knowledge and passion for that material that draws us in as students....In a way, I felt as though I was learning from an instructor and living alongside a peer. It was a very refreshing dynamic."

Pete Wright
School of Business

Pete Wright has worked in broadcasting, public relations and marketing for more than 20 years. He is a storyteller, and he helps his clients to share their stories through words and images online. He's a photographer, writer and broadcaster, and he has been teaching marketing and communications at Marylhurst for the last seven years. A peer reported that Pete's creativity spreads to other instructors through his students who ask, "Why don't you do the cool things that Pete Wright does?"

Past Recipients


Reiko Igarashi, Interior Design
Jim Davis, Human Sciences
Patrick Balducci, School of Business
Chuck Caruso, English Literature & Writing


Susan Carter, Interdisciplinary Studies (MA)
Greg Dardis, Science and Math
David Scott Arnold, Religious Studies


Christine Turner, Art Therapy Counseling
Louise Neilson, Communication Studies
Simeon Dreyfuss, Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)
Duane Gehlsen, Human Sciences


Eileen Mejia, Communications
Perrin Kerns, English Literature and Writing
Michael Hohn, Business
Lisa Jo Frech, Science and Math


Leon Abbott, Business & Management, Accelerated Online Program
Sheila O'Connell-Roussell, Religious Studies
Emily Ross, Music Therapy
Sarah Slayton, Art Therapy Counseling


Herb Long, Human Sciences
Jennifer Sasser, Chair, Human Sciences
Eileen Franzese Schiffer, MBA
Elizabeth Spurgeon, Interior Design


Elaine Bagley, Art Therapy
Jan Dabrowski, Science & Mathematics
John Haek, Music
Ger Killeen, Cultural & Historical Studies


Andy Job, Business & Leadership
Masoud Kheirabadi, Cultural & Historical Studies
Jay Ponteri, English Literature & Writing
Cheryl Schneidermann, Interior Design


Greg Crosby, Psychology
Libby Farr, Interior Design
Paul Gilbarg, Business & Leadership
Peter Whitmore, Music


Ann Hill, Math
Marian Pierce, English Literature & Writing
Margaret Shirley, Art


Faith Chalmers, Liberal Arts Core
Dennis Cunningham, Art
Annette Shore, Art Therapy


Sister Magdalen Fautch, SNJM, Music
Larry Hanson, Science & Mathematics


Lisa Davidson, Communication Studies
Sister Cecilia Ranger, SNJM, Religious Studies


Art Bridge, Religious Studies
Aliza Keddem, Human Sciences
Pierina Parise, Library Information Management
Susanne Stegmiller, Life Planning & Career Development


David Arnold, Interdisciplinary Studies (MA)
Herb Long, Human Studies
Patricia Meyers, Religious Studies
Rich Rollins, Art



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