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Excelsior College Examination Program

Excelsior College Examinations (now known as UEXCEL) are two- and three-hour timed tests that students take on computer at an authorized test center. Credit earned through Excelsior exams is at both the lower- and upper-division level, depending on the exam. The majority of Excelsior exams are multiple-choice; however a few include both multiple choice and free response (mixed format) or require an extended response.  Students who do not achieve Marylhurst’s minimum passing UEXCEL score may retake the exam, but must wait at least 60 days after the first attempt and 120 days after the second or subsequent attempts.

Transfer Credit

See the Marylhurst Credit by Examination Transfer Guide for information regarding exam passing scores, credit and requirement fulfillment Fees.

Test Sites

Marylhurst accepts credit for Excelsior exams, but does not administer them. Registration for Excelsior exams can be done online at or by calling their toll free number at 888.723.9267. Once registration is complete, students will be sent an Authorization to Test letter with instructions on scheduling the test appointment.

Excelsior exams are administered by Pearson Testing Centers with locations all across the U.S., including the Portland metropolitan area.  For a complete and current list of Pearson testing centers, go to After students register for an exam, they must contact Pearson Testing Centers directly to schedule an exam time.  This can be done through the Pearson website at  There are no fees for scheduling via the internet. Students may also schedule a time by calling Excelsior’s toll free number at 888.926.9488, however, students are charged a $15 fee for telephone transactions. 


The current fees for Excelsior exams range from $95 to $440 depending on the exam, plus a $50 administration fee for 2 hour tests or $60 for 3 hour tests.

Score Reports

For Marylhurst to post credit earned, an official score report must be sent by the testing agency directly to Marylhurst. In the case of Excelsior College Examinations, the student will receive an Unofficial Grade Report. However, students must order an Official Excelsior College Examinations Transcript and request that it be sent to Marylhurst directly. There is a $12 charge for this. 

Test Preparation

There are a variety of ways to prepare for Excelsior examinations and many are addressed in the Excelsior College Examinations Documentation and Resource Guides that can be downloaded from the website at

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