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New York University Foreign Language Proficiency (NYUFLP) exams are non-standardized two- and three-hour timed exams designed to test students’ proficiency in over 50 languages.  Students can earn variable credit depending on their mastery of the exam’s language.  Additionally, credit may be awarded at the lower-division, upper-division, or a mix of lower- and upper-division level depending on the student’s demonstrated proficiency. Students can register to take a two-hour 12-point exam or a three-hour 16-point. The exam format for most languages includes:

The 12-point Exam

This two-hour exam includes a) a listening comprehension component, b) translation from English to the test language, c) translation from the test language to English, and d) writing a short essay in the test language on a general topic.

The 16-Point Exam

This three-hour exam is identical to the two-hour exam with the addition of a more complex 350-word essay designed to assess the student’s mastery of the test language at a higher level.

Students who do not achieve a desired score may retake the exam, but must wait at least 180 days from the original test date.

Transfer Credit

See the Marylhurst Credit by Examination Transfer Guide for information regarding exam passing scores, credit and requirement fulfillment.

Test Sites

NYUFLP Exams may be arranged for directly through NYU's School of Professional Studies.  

In addition, Marylhurst is authorized by New York University to administer NYU Foreign Language exams, and the option to take an exam on campus is available to Marylhurst degree-seeking students every term. The deadline to pay for and submit the Registration Form is the 3rd Tuesday of each term, and dates for examinations are scheduled for the 7th week of the term.  Day and evening exam times are available. 


The current fees for NYU Foreign Language exams are $385 for the 12 point version ($300 exam fee + $85 processing fee) and $495 for the 16 point version ($400 exam fee + $95 processing fee). Payment should be made directly to Marylhurst University.

Score Reports

An official Letter of Equivalency from NYU stating the results of the exam is sent to both the student and to Marylhurst University. Marylhurst uses this letter to determine credit awards.  Please note that receipt of this letter may take up to 12 weeks.  No action on the part of the student is necessary.

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