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Featured Courses and Seminars

Whether you're already in a communications program or simply interested in the field of communication studies, we have several fascinating courses for you this term. Explore the featured courses and seminars below. Full course offerings can be found in the course schedule.

Continuing Education Credit

Some workshops may be taken as Continuing Education Credit (CEU). One CEU equals 10 contact hours of Continuing Education Credit.

Summer 2015 Featured Courses & Seminars



Taught by: Zorwyn Madrone

Negotiation is the primary tool used when advocating for oneself or one's cause. In this class students learn how to resolve conflict and pursue win-win agreements through the practice of interest-based techniques.

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Public Presentations

Taught by: Faith Chalmers

In this unique online course you will learn how to communicate more creatively and confidently when you speak to groups. Polish your public presentation skills in this practical course led by a professional communication coach.

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Conversational Style

Taught by: Torey Browne

Do you ever wonder why you just naturally get along better with some people than others? Why carrying on a conversation is so easy with one
person and so difficult with another? Well it probably has something to do with your conversational style –who knew? In this course, we'll explore how to improve your relationships by increasing your understanding of conversational style differences.

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The Selling of Place

Taught by: Mike Randolph

The modern Oregon wine industry has insisted since its founding in the 1970s that Oregon is a world-class place for growing premium wine
grapes. In this course, students explore the development of the Oregon wine industry since the 1970s. They will analyze how Oregon vintners
have attempted to distinguish their wines from those in better known regions such as France and California. Do Oregon wines communicate a
unique and exceptional "sense of place" as their proponents proclaim? Students will explore the rhetoric behind that claim in this course.

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