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Agile Project Leadership

Agile Project Leadership - registration closed
Instructor: Jean Richardson
Dates/Times: TBA
Location: Marylhurst University
Cost: $999, noncredit, includes materials and parking
21 contact hours

One of the greatest vulnerabilities in today's Agile adoptions—and one of the greatest challenges in the pursuit of organizational agility—is the evolution of traditional management practice. This course is designed for leaders and managers throughout the organizational structure who want to deepen their understanding of this phenomenon called "Agile." In this special three-day class, our focus will be on helping leaders both inside and outside the formal management structure to set a context for organizational agility from wherever they sit. No previous experience with or training in Agile is required.

Instructional methods applied in this course will include storytelling and sharing, video review and debrief, Lean Coffee, scenario-based simulations, brainstorming and affinity diagramming, administration and debrief of industry standard inventories, and partnered sharing.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will:

  • Verbalize the impact and opportunity of agile leadership on projects and in organizations.
  • Verbalize the key differences between traditional and agile leadership approaches.
  • Describe, use, and interpret key agile metrics.
  • Describe key agile principles of empirical process improvement, progressive elaboration, iterative and incremental delivery, and deep democracy in organizations
  • Participate in behavioral interviewing to hire agile aligned team members and peers.
  • Describe how the coaching model of an agile leader safeguards stewardship, improves engagement, and supports succession planning in an organization.
  • Verbalize the benefits of self-organization and identify key environmental factors and organizational norms that support it.

Course Overview

Day One:

  • Class introduction and context setting
  • Brief history of the agile movement and the roots it draws from
  • Overview of the three basic agile frameworks: Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Kanban
  • Agile's roots in Lean
  • Similarities and differences between agile and traditional leadership
  • Agile project and team chartering
  • The agile project lifecycle
  • Working with traditional structures from an agile leadership perspective
  • Organizational resiliency and the role of the agile manager
  • Self-awareness

Day Two:

  • Introduction to Coaching Skills
  • Delegation Poker Model and roots in Situational Leadership
  • Going Deeper on the Facilitative Stance of the Agile leader
  • Stewardship Scenario
  • A reflective mode of consensus building
  • Lean Coffee and Technology of Participation methods overview
  • Using Retrospectives for Organizational Improvement Scenario

Day Three:

  • Models of governance from a sociocratic perspective.
  • Governance and Decision Making Scenario
  • Learning lab: A day in the life of the agile manager
  • Coaching Struggling Scrum Master and Product Owner Scenarios
  • Interviewing Candidates for Agile Teams Scenarios
  • Retrospective Troubleshooting Scenario
  • Summary and review of basic concepts in the context of current organizational problems
  • Class retrospective

A Marylhurst University graduate, instructor Jean Richardson has been a software development professional since 1989. Her experience and career path have spanned both traditional and agile methods, frameworks, and cultural perspectives. The Agile leadership model she espouses, Pervasive Leadership, is designed to help leaders set a collaborative context while still meeting their own stewardship responsibilities to the organization. She is a Certified Agile Scrum Master and a Project Management Professional (PMP). In her private practice, Jean consults with a variety of organizations on project leadership and recovery initiatives, specializing in agile techniques. Working with the Public Health Division of Oregon State Department of Human Services, Jean won the Project Management Institute 2009 Project of the Year Award from the PMI-Portland Chapter.

Yes, we bring this class and other customized trainings onsite to organizations. Contact Nora Quiros at to talk things over.

Seminar cancellation policy: The Professional Development Center offers full refund of program fees up to and including the day of first session of any seminar. Register with confidence.

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