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Maria Brignola, BC-DMT, NCC

Maria Brignola

Department of Art Therapy Counseling


MCAT., Hahemann Graduate School
BA, West Chester University, Pennsylvania

Classes Taught

Reclaiming Soma
Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy
Body Image and Ego Development
The Dance of Relationship


Maria Brignola is a board certified dance movement therapist and a national certified counselor. She is Manager of the Counseling and Therapy Department at Portland Adventist Medical Center and book reviewer for The Arts in Psychotherapy journal. Maria teaches courses for the Department of Art Therapy Counseling and Department of Human Sciences at Marylhurst.

As a dance therapy pioneer in the Pacific Northwest, Maria has been educating, supervising and providing dance movement therapy for the past two decades. The foundation of her work is developmental and object relational, while her assessments are rooted in psychoanalysis, Laban movement analysis and Kestenberg movement profiling. Maria's philosophical framework is Jungian with a Buddhist Psychology flavor.  Her mission is to provide positive movement experiences so individuals of all ages can enrich relationships with self, other, community and environment.

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