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Degree Requirements

Master of Divinity

Minimum of 111 quarter credits

Pre-Course Requirements (2 crs.)

Personal Covenant & Orientation
Graduate Writing

Biblical Studies (24 crs.)

Scriptural Frameworks for Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Torah: Pentateuch, First Five Books of the Bible
Gospels: Stories of Unique Christian Communities
Epistles: Letters to Christian Communities
Gospel of Luke & Acts

Choose three courses from the following:
Biblical Prophets: Inspirations to Create a Better World
Writings, Psalms & Wisdom Literature in the Bible
Gospel of John
Woman: A Journey Through the Old Testament Scriptures
Woman: A Journey Through the New Testament Scriptures
Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Be Stewards of Creation: Cosmology & Worldview
Jesus & Women: A Liberating Vision
Advanced Exegesis: Studies in Apocalyptic Literature
Windows of Understanding: Opening the Treasures of the Sacred Scriptures
New Testament Greek I
New Testament Greek II
New Testament Greek III
Biblical Hebrew I
Biblical Hebrew II
Biblical Hebrew III

Historical & Theological Studies (24 crs.)

Interfaith Theological Frameworks for Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Applied Ethics & the Pastoral & Spiritual Care Provider
Contemporary & Personal Theology of Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Church History: Early Communities to 787 AD (CE)
Church History: 788 AD (CE) to Later Western Christianity
Church History: 1650 AD (CE) to Modern World Christianity
Theology for the Third Millennium  or  Applied Ethics: Daily Life, Medicine, Business, Humanities  or  Blessed are the Peacemakers: Ethical Issues in Peacemaking

Choose one course from the following
Strength for the Journey: Eucharistic Theology
Birthing Holy Fire: Marian Theology & Spirituality in the Wisdom Tradition
Jesus: Bar Nasa, Son of Mary, Son of God
Mary of Magdala: Disciple, Apostle to the Apostles, Companion of the Lord, Woman Who Knew the All

Social & Behavioral Studies, Ministry (30 crs.)

Pastoral & Spiritual Identity
Pastoral & Spiritual Counseling Strategies
Issues in Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Liturgies, Rituals, Teachings, Preaching & Spiritual Practices of Christianity, Judaism & Islam
Liturgies, Rituals, Teachings, Preaching & Spiritual Practices of Eastern (& Native American) Traditions
Pastoral & Spiritual Care in Times of Loss, Grief & Bereavement
Prayer & Spirituality of the Pastoral & Spiritual Care Provider
(W)Holy Listening: Spiritual Direction as Presence to the Journey of the Soul
Personal Spiritual Direction, Formation & Mission

Choose two courses from the following:
Speech for Preaching
Psychology of Religion: A Psychology of Religious Experience
The Sacred Labyrinth: Spirituality in Motion
Spiritual Quest: Human Quest for Spirituality
Spirituality & Mysticism in Western Religions
Old Ways, New Visions: Models of the Mystic Path — Spirituality for Seekers
Spiritual Direction Through the Arts of Theatre
Religion, Rite, Liturgy & Theatre: Entering the Presence
Performance as Proclamation: Arts of Theatre — Tools of Transformation
The Labyrinth: Reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine

Integrative Studies (18 crs.)

Theological Reflection in Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Professional Advancement
Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Supervised Practicum I: Special Arrangement or Supervised Practicum I: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum II: Special Arrangement or Supervised Practicum II: Cooperative

Choose 3 credits from the following:
Supervised Practicum 3: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 4: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 5: Cooperative
Project in Religious Studies
Supervised Practicum 3: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 4: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 5: Special Arrangement
The Sacred Earth: A Dialogue Between Spirituality & Ecology
Theology of Leadership

Electives (6 crs.)

Choose two courses from the following:
Islam & Society
Loss, Grief, Death & Dying: Theologies of Compassion
Any course within the Master of Divinity coursework

Master's Project (7 crs.)

Master's Project I 
Master's Project II
Master's Project III
Colloquium/Presentation Day for Master's Project 
Thesis Completion

Please see current Marylhurst University Catalog for complete information.

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