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The Art Gym turns 35, Blake Shell with Ben Buswell work
Blake Shell, The Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Director and Curator of The Art Gym and Belluschi Pavilion, 
I Do Not Belong to the Sky by Ben Buswell at The Art Gym, spring 2015

The Art Gym’s 35th year–notes from the director 

Dear friends,

This fall marks The Art Gym’s 35th year as a venue exhibiting some of the most significant and timely art of this region. The gallery is in the process of strategic growth through a five-year plan – focused on sustainability of the gallery, standardization of wages for artists, increased catalogue production for artists, completion of renovation, and new piloted programming. I created our five-year plan focusing on strengths of the mission and history of The Art Gym, combined with timely interests of the artists of the region and the current and anticipated stages of growth of the art institution.  I feel honored to be a part of this expansion and growth at The Art Gym.

 Working Artists and the Greater Economy logo

As part of our plan, I am excited to announce that The Art Gym will be one of the Pacific Northwest’s first W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy) voluntarily certified organizations (certification pending fiscal year of 2015-16), implementing standardized wages for artists – including honorariums for exhibiting and support for art production.

The university will match a $1 million challenge grant from the Eichholz foundation by 2019 to endow the director and curator position’s increase to full-time in perpetuity. All contributed funds to The Art Gym during this time are matched by the foundation into the endowment, so your donations are automatically doubled in support of the gallery!

At this point we have raised $350,000 towards the match, through individual donations, programming and operating grants, and the recent The Collins Foundation grant of $125,000, to be distributed over two years.  This grant will support five-year plan goals including completion of capital needs, capacity building, and enhanced programming.  

Kathleen Murney 2015

As part of The Collins Foundation Grant, I am pleased to welcome Kathleen Murney as the new Gallery Manager and Head Preparator, beginning July 2015.  She has been the contracted Head Preparator for The Art Gym for the last year.  Murney is an artist who has taught courses at a number of higher education institutions in the region and has worked at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon as an assistant preparator.

Our individual donations have tripled in the last two years, thanks to you!  2015-16 fiscal year saw $30,080 from 235 individuals, up from $9,443 from 55 individuals in 2013-14.  The spring fundraising kickstarter was very well supported with $17,000 raised through this new platform with the help of the New Members Committee: Christina Elmore, Caitlin Moore, and Ashley Sloan.  Thank you to our donors.  We are working hard to support artists of the Pacific Northwest and we could not do it without you!

-Blake Shell, the Eichholz Director and Curator

The Art Gym Art Production and Publication Fund Kickstarter Donors of 2015

John Arndt; Meagan Atiyeh; Avantika Bawa; Graham W. Bell & Jess N. Pierson; Elizabeth Bilyeu, Art History Instructor, Art Gallery Director, PCC; Heather Lee Birdsong; Blue Moon Camera; Pat Boas; Anne Boerner; Debrah Bokowski; Christine Bourdette; Mika Boyd; Mike Bray; Jessica Bromer; Daphne Browne; Will Bryant; Becky L. Busi; Carl & Sloan Contemporary; Jodie Cavalier; Peter & Kelly Ann Chee; Nancy Cheng; Anne Connell; Emily Counts; Fernanda D'Agostino; Durian and the Lyon; Camilla Dussinger; Christina Elmore; Michael Endo; Eshrat Erfanian; Eric Escanuelas; Tia Factor; Libby Dawson Farr, Ph.D.; Tannaz Farsi; Charles Froelick; Erin Rose Gardner; Wendy Given; MK Guth; Kohel Haver; Lori Heagle; Kim Heinrich; Rita Hess; Jessica Hickey; Nancy Hiss; Marla HIady; Sam Hopple; Laura Hornbuckle; Deborah Horrell; Grant Hottle; Laura Hughes; Linda Hutchins & John Montague; Rosie Hyneman; Reiko Igarashi; Colin Ives; Diane Jacobs; Linda K. Johnson & Stephen Hayes; Rod Johnson; Carol Karlson; Kristan Kennedy; James King; Ruth Lantz; Kendra Larson; Michael Lazarus; Charlene Liu; Zara Logue; Euan Macdonald; Brenda Mallory; Marci Rae McDade; Janice McGuire; Sarah Miller Meigs; Dawn Merrill; Erin Merrill; Jane Mikell; Kathy Mitchell; Akihiko Miyoshi ; Steven P Mosch; Kathleen N. Murney; Rebecca Nolan; Peter Nylen; Kenneth O'Connell; PDX Contemporary Art; Daniel Peabody; Sandy Pittenger; Greg Pond; Dan Powell; Paula Rebsom; Jen Delos Reyes; Katherine Richards; Rita Robillard; Jack Ryan; Jane Schiffhauer; Sean Schumacher; Susan Seubert; Blake Shell; Katherine Shell; Rhodes Shell; Marie Sivak and Dan Iancu; Justin Smith; Kathryn Snell-Ryan; Stephanie Snyder, John and Anne Hauberg Curator and Director, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College; Stephanie Speight; Paul Sutinen; Ying Tan; Jeffrey Thomas; Department of Art, University of Oregon; UPFOR Gallery; Courtney Vanderstek; Craig Vanderstek; Terri Warpinski; Ty Warren; Heather Watkins; Colin Williams; Tammy Jo Wilson; Amanda Wojick; Rachel Wolfson; Tori Wortham, Student Leadership Council; and Sarah Lauren Zadow.


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