Student Services and Academic Support

We understand that earning your education is more than just attending classes. We’re here to help you on your journey toward graduation and beyond by providing access to a wealth of support services, like academic advising, guidance on your career goals, or requesting disability services.

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The Academic Advising Center provides advising support on all aspects of what it takes to be a successful student at Marylhurst. Our advisers assist you with navigating university policy and procedures, selecting courses and troubleshooting any academic difficulties you may encounter.

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At Marylhurst, we recognize there are many factors that go into your success as a student. We provide many support systems and services, for student populations large and small.Resources such as disability services, campus ministry and even insurance exist to enhance your experience at Marylhurst — we encourage you to use all student services you need.

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Need help to locate an internship? Want advice or a friendly pair of eyes to review your resume? Our Career Services and Internship team is your source for all things job-related, and that includes after you have graduated.

IT-Help Desk - Marylhurst University

Having issues with Canvas? Or did My Marylhurst just crash on you? Our IT Help Desk is your source for all technology related issues.

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Marylhurst has centers and resources ready to help you, like the Math Center or the Writing Center.  Need someone to check your work or provide some helpful guidance on a paper or project? These centers are for you.

Veteran Services - Marylhurst University

Marylhurst prides itself on its service to military veterans, and our Veteran Support office is ready to assist. If you need help with veteran benefits or scholarship or anything Marylhurst related, connect with Veteran Support

Joan Jagodnik – Director of Student Services

Joan Jagodnik - Director of Student Services - Marylhurst UniversityPursuing your education is a major endeavor, and I’m here to help. Marylhurst offers so many wonderful services to support you when you need it. We want you to succeed and we’re on your team. 

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BP John, Room 211