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Course Evaluations



Course evaluations are completed online. You will receive an email when it's time to complete an evaluation for a particular course. Generally, evaluations are made available 10 days before the last class meeting (or if the course is fully online, 10 days before the end of the term). You will have until the day before grades are due to complete the evaluations.

Important: Do not forward the email you receive to anyone else. The email link is specific to you.

Alternately, you can access course evaluations via:

Moodle -- click on the Course Evaluations link from any of your Moodle course sites. This link can be found on the left-hand side of the page, under Marylhurst Resources. Clicking on the link will take you directly into EvaluationKit


MyMarylhurst -- click on the Course Evaluations link in the lower left hand corner of your screen after logging into MyMarylhurst. You'll find a link, labeled "course evaluation login" that will take you directly into EvaluationKit.

What you need to know

Check now to ensure your email address on file is current,

  • Log into My Marylhurst
  • Click on Personal Info at the top next to your name.
  • Click on Contact Info tab.
  • If there is no email address listed, or it is not current, click on the pencil icon to edit, then click Submit.
  • Edits are reviewed by staff; please allow two business days for the review process.

Do NOT click the Back button while completing an evaluation. If you need to navigate away before completing the evaluation form, open a new tab in your browser, or click the Save and Return Later button.

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