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Google Apps

All students receive a Marylhurst Google Account for Education account. When a student registers for their first course, an activation email with instructions is sent. If you missed the email for any reason, you can request another one at

Google Apps for Education is a set of communication and collaboration applications hosted by Google Inc. on behalf of Marylhurst University. Google Apps for Education is separated into three groups: Core Apps, non-Core Apps, and Third-party Apps.


diagram of core non-core apps

Core Apps
include Gmail, Calendars, Drive (Google Docs), Sites, Groups, and Hangouts. Marylhurst has a specially negotiated end-user license agreement with Google, such that all data within these apps is owned by Marylhurst University and not indexed by Google.  Also, no adds are served up in these apps.

Marylhurst also provides access to Google's Consumer Apps. These non-Core Apps have separate Terms and Conditions, the same as a personal Google account. When you first connect to a non-Core App, you are presented with separate terms and conditions, in effect, it is like signing up for separate service that is not managed by Marylhurst. 

Non-core Appsinclude but are not limited to: Google+ with Hangouts, Picasa, Blogger, YouTube, Google Maps , Voice , Analytics, Moderator, Webmaster Tools, Google Bookmarks, Google Books, Google Code.

These apps often connect to social networking and may not have the same privacy protection as the Core apps. While Marylhurst believes these apps are safe to use, and wants students to use these apps appropriately in support of their education, privacy must be monitored and determined by the student.

Third-party Apps are not created or operated by Google.  Currently, we do not enable Third-party apps at Marylhurst for general use, but may do so in the future.  When using a Third-party app, the user is making an agreement directly with the creator of the app, and the user is solely responsible for privacy and support for these apps. 

Although Non-core and Third-party Apps may be recommended for class work, they may not be required.  Marylhurst merely provides access to these apps, we do not support them.

Connecting other sites to your Marylhurst Google account

Often other apps and services request connection to your Google account, usually as a method for logging in and account creation. When you connect these sites to your Google account, one step is granting access or allowing the site access to your account. For example, a tool that helps you organize your email might need access to your email. This creates some risk — if that app goes haywire and corrupts your email, the only option might be to delete your account (and all your email with it) and start over.  

Connecting services to your Marylhurst Google account is generally safe, but the end user is solely responsible for managing risk and privacy in these situations.

For more information, check out our FAQ or the Learning Center for Google Apps.

For support with your current Marylhurst Google Apps account, please contact the Help Desk. To log in to your Google Apps account just visit and log in using your Marylhurst One Account (i.e., full Marylhurst email address and password).

The project to enhance Google at Marylhurst and bring it to all Marylhurst students was called Google for All!. This project completed in the Summer of 2014. You can learn more about this project at the Google for All! FAQ page.



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