Thank You

Thank You for Requesting Information About Marylhurst

Thanks so much for your interest in our university and the programs we have to offer. One of our admissions counselors will reach out to you in the next day or so by email as well as with a phone call.  Please look for a call from any of the following numbers (that’s us calling you):

  • 503.534.4031 – Jacquie Begeman (undergraduate programs)
  • 503.699.6306 – Donna Davis (business programs and international applicants
  • 503.699.6322 – Maruska Lynch (graduate programs)

And of course you don’t have to wait for a phone call, you can call us at any time. We look forward to chatting further about how Marylhurst can help you in your educational goals.

Just One More Thing: Squirrel or Crow?

Marylhurst has no official mascot (no sports teams), but we have two lovable, unofficial mascots that are prominent features on our campus: squirrels and crows.  The question, “who is our unofficial mascot” has caused quite the debate on campus.  So the question is, are you team squirrel or team crow?

admissions-staff-nutty-the-squirrel-marylhurstvs   Marylhurst ambassador - Charlie the Crow

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