Mission and Values

Marylhurst’s Mission and Values

As a Catholic university that embraces people of all faiths and backgrounds, Marylhurst is committed to faith-inspired values, educating leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who will work to create a more just, humane and sustainable world.

Marylhurst Campus

Marylhurst’s Mission

Marylhurst University is a private institution of higher learning open to men and women of any race or religion. It is dedicated to making innovative post-secondary education accessible to self-directed students of any age. Marylhurst offers coursework leading to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and to other goals such as career transition, professional development and personal enrichment.

Animated by its Catholic and liberal arts heritage, Marylhurst emphasizes the uniqueness and dignity of each person, and is committed to the examination of values, as well as to quality academic and professional training. Marylhurst University seeks to aid students in advancing their goals for responsible participation in a rapidly changing world by pursuing, and encouraging its students to pursue, the ideals of competence, leadership and service.

Marylhurst University

Marylhurst’s Values

The values of our founding Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary also support our daily work. You do not have to be Catholic, or have any religious affiliation, to be a part of the Marylhurst community. But all of us in the Marylhurst community embrace and respect the Sisters’ values as the foundation for the way we operate. Among those values most important to us are the Sisters’ calls to:

  • Offer an excellent education with a liberal arts foundation
  • Embrace an interdisciplinary approach
  • Integrate ethics into all programs
  • Respect the life and dignity of each person
  • Promote peace and social justice
  • Put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first
  • Care for the planet
  • Live your beliefs

Our Vision

Two overarching and connected themes form the vision for a modern, progressive Marylhurst University

(Adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 5, 2017)


Marylhurst is a TOP institution in the region fully focused on GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES that are accessible to and attainable by savvy, motivated, career-focused students who have the courage to go back to school and the grit to thrive in rigorous academic programs.

GRADUATE programs are low residency providing access to students who work full time or live beyond the Portland metro region. UNDERGRADUATE programs are 100% focused on degree completion helping those with some college credit but no degree cross that graduation finish line. All undergrad programs feed efficiently into graduate programs making advanced degrees more attainable and accessible.

ALL programs are connected to industry needs and incorporate professional development. Student support services are 100% focused on the needs of the student because everything should be easy BUT the classes.


Marylhurst University’s campus is a thriving hub for cultural, artistic and professional enrichment.  Revitalized academic spaces provide performance venues for a broad range of arts and cultural institutions; leased office space houses some of these institutions, creating opportunities for shared resources and unique collaborations. Year-round enrichment offerings are attended by campus and community members, including workshops, conferences, lectures and non-credit courses.  Marylhurst becomes the “Chautauqua Institute” of the west.

This vision for our campus brings together the external needs of the region and the internal needs of our academic programs in a way that is mutually reinforcing and vibrant. Auxiliary revenue generated by a fully activated campus is what supports our academic programs.

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