University Leadership

Marylhurst University’s Leadership

Led by a diverse group of Board of Trustees, the day-to-day operations of the university are managed under the guidance of the President and her cabinet. Marylhurst’s current president, Dr. Melody Rose, was inaugurated in Oct. 2014.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of dedicated men and women who represent our regional community and the interests of Marylhurst’s stakeholders.

Current Board Officers

  • Chip Terhune – Chair
  • Sue Hildick ’16 – Vice Chair
  • Vicki Nakashima – Secretary

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President of Marylhurst University – Melody Rose

For more than 124 years, Marylhurst University has been dedicated to educating students to become leaders of competence, conscience and compassion, who are working to create a more just, humane and sustainable world.

In addition to being a beacon of academic excellence, we are committed to a fully activated campus – a thriving hub for cultural, artistic and professional enrichment – serving our alumni, students and the community. 

Today and every day, we strive to be student-focused in all that we do, removing barriers along the way. We want our students to say that everything is easy… except the classes!

Melody Rose, Ph.D.
15th President of Marylhurst
503.699.6266 |

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President’s Cabinet

Joan Saalfeld
Vice President of Mission Integration

Nicola Sysyn
Vice President of University Advancement

Jennifer Chambers
Vice President of Finance & Administration

Robyn Jones
Vice President of Enrollment & Student Services

Carol Mack, Ph.D.
Interim Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs

Advisory to Cabinet

Rod Johnson
Chief of Staff | Title IX Coordinator

Simona Beattie
Director of Marketing and Communications

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