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Ready to submit your application to Marylhurst? Whether you’re completing your bachelor’s degree, pursuing your master’s degree, earning a certificate or endorsement or just want to take a few courses, you start here.

Start here if you are applying for a bachelor’s, master’s degree or certificate program. You will create your application account so you can log in, work on elements of the application, save your work, log out and return to finish the application.

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If you have already begun an application (have an account) and are here to continue it. Welcome back! Your data and materials from your last session are waiting for you. When your application is complete, just hit submit and you’re all set.

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Interested in taking just a few courses? Complete the online nondegree application.

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Readmission: Coming back to Marylhurst?

Were you previously admitted into Marylhurst but, for whatever reason, were not able to complete your program? Coming back to Marylhurst is a simple admissions process. First, welcome back! Second, complete the fast-track admissions process. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us: or 503.699.6268.


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If at any point in your application process you need help, please connect with one of our helpful admissions counselors. We’re here for you and want to make sure your application process toward admissions is a smooth one.

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