Refer a New Student

Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon

Refer a New Student – Help Build the Next Generation of Marylhurst

Your Word Matters

There are a lot of ways we try to get the word out about Marylhurst, but you may be surprised to learn that your word matters the most when it comes to referring new students to our beautiful school. Because you experienced Marylhurst yourself, you can speak to the opportunities, services and educational environment we can provide.

There’s a good chance you know family members, friends or co-workers who are thinking about going to college to earn a master’s, or need encouragement to complete the bachelor’s degree they never quite finished. Whether they want to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree, you know we’re committed to helping them succeed. Help us help them take that next step toward achieving their educational goals!

We would like to tell prospective students who referred them so please provide your name and graduation year or anticipated graduation year, and we’ll waive their application fee!