May 17 2018 Institutional Meeting Closing Prayer

Closing Prayer – Marylhurst University May 17, 2018 Institutional Meeting

Marylhurst University announced in May 2018 that the university would close by the end of the year; the last classes were offered summer term 2018. With the exception of the forthcoming announcement of the custodian institution, this website is no longer actively maintained; the information presented here is for archival purposes.

Closing Prayer at Marylhurst University’s May 17, 2018 Institutional Meeting

Loving God, today we need your help and strength as we approach the closing chapter in the story of Marylhurst University – a story that began in the 19th Century, grew and developed in the 20th, and now comes to its conclusion in the 21st – a story of a special place and special people who have served the Northwest well for 125 years. Whether as a Catholic women’s college, normal school, adult education center, online program provider or liberal arts university for nontraditional students, Marylhurst has had in its sights, and at its heart, the transforming power of education, offering each student the opportunity to understand the world, and one’s own life, in new and richer ways. Through all its years, Marylhurst has provided its students with the knowledge and skill and inspiration and encouragement to succeed and grow and thrive.

O loving God, we are rightfully proud of our history and of our many, many graduates and all they have accomplished and all they have contributed to their communities. But in the last years we have found ourselves struggling against the challenges of the changing world of higher education. We have carefully studied the data for our own situation, and we have seen our enrollments and resources steadily diminish until we cannot thrive and provide the education we once did. And we have come to realize what we must do out of respect and responsibility for this institution that we love, and the people who serve, and are served, by it. Help us to work through all that needs to be done for students, faculty and staff during this difficult time. Help us to support each other and all in the Marylhurst family with compassion, integrity and care, as we bring to a gracious and dignified conclusion the story of Marylhurst University.

While we grieve our loss, help us to remember that we have done everything we can to make Marylhurst thrive. We know that in your great Book of Life, everything has a beginning, a middle and an ending, yet nothing is truly lost. In Your time and Your economy all will change and transform and move with new energy and new life. We ask your blessing and your peace of mind and heart for us here today and for all involved. We ask this, as always, in the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. And all of us say AMEN.