FAQ – Employee

Closure Resources and Information for Faculty and Staff

As an employee of Marylhurst University, we want to make sure you are fully supported as we move through the process of closing the university. We want you to be informed of your options as well as services available to you.

Individual Employee Plans

The Human Resources team is looking into each employee’s individual circumstance and will be able to address questions for that specific employee, including benefits and retirement plan options.

Employee Notifications

The Marylhurst University HR department is working to distribute email notices to all employees by 5/23/18 outlining their expected separation date from Marylhurst, which will include a minimum 60-day notice of lay-off.

Contact Information

Main Point of Contact
Sarah Petrich
Director of Human Resources

Benefits & Retirement Plan
Laura Narehood

Informational Events

Open Forums with HR  – May 21 & 22
Willow Room, Clark Commons

To further help answer questions, Human Resources is hosting four open forums, one hour long, for faculty and staff. Please join us on one of the following dates and times:

Human Resources Open Forums hosted by Sarah Petrich.
Monday, May 21 | 10:00 a.m. | Willow Room, Clark Commons
Monday, May 21 | 1:00 p.m. | Willow Room, Clark Commons
Tuesday, May 22 | 9:00 a.m. | Hawthorn Room, Clark Commons
Tuesday, May 22 | 2:00 p.m. | Willow Room, Clark Commons

Faculty Q & A with President Rose
May 23 | 5 – 6 p.m., 
The Old Library

Marylhurst faculty are invited to join President Melody Rose and representatives from the Board of Trustees for a Q & A forum about the closure of Marylhurst University.

Questions and Answers for Employees

When will I receive notification that I’m being laid off?

Human Resources is working to notify all employees of their employment status by 5/23/18. You can expect to receive an email communication that will outline your expected separation date, which will include a minimum 60-day notice of lay-off.

What about health benefits?

Marylhurst strives to provide health benefits as long as possible. Most employees who are benefit-eligible will retain their current health benefits through the month of July. Human Resources will inform you if the university is able to provide additional months of health benefits. In addition, we’ll provide guidance on changes to health plans and processing changes to retirement plans.

What happens to my accrued vacation time? 

Upon separation of employment from the university, employees who have accrued vacation time will receive a payout of their accrued vacation hours in their final paycheck. This excludes use-it or lose-it vacation accruals. Please continuing reading to understand how any accrued vacation time categorized as use-it or lose-it will be managed.

What about my use-it or lose-it vacation accruals?

Employees with use-it or lose-it vacation accruals will follow our current policy, which states that the hours must be used by June 30 of the current fiscal year or they will be forfeited.

What about Tuition Waiver benefits? 

Tuition waiver benefits will continue for all eligible employees and their dependents who are degree-seeking students through Summer term, after which Marylhurst will no longer be offering classes.

What happens to my dependent’s status on the Tuition Exchange program?

This benefit is not expected to be available for Fall term, however, we need to research program restrictions further.

How is my retirement account affected?

Employer contributions to employee 403(b) accounts should continue through your separation date. Specific information about what to do with retirement accounts upon separation can be discussed with Human Resources on an individual basis.

Will Marylhurst be providing any employment search assistance, career counseling or other resources?

Yes – Marylhurst is working to secure the services of Lee Hecht Harrison to offer career counseling and coaching. An on-site career and job transition coaching group program will be scheduled during the last week of May and individual programs may additionally be made available. Details are being finalized – please check back for further details.

Are emotional support services available for employees?

Marylhurst will provide support through our Employee Assistance Program, Work Health Life. To log in,  type in Marylhurst University at the prompt. The office of Campus Ministry is also available to support you through this transition period. To arrange a meeting, please contact kkaczor@marylhurst.edu or 503.534.4066.

Am I qualified to receive unemployment benefits?

Marylhurst does not make decisions regarding unemployment benefits. If you apply, we are required to answer all questions. This is a topic you may discuss during your individual meeting with the Director of Human Resources.

What resources are available for students and where can I direct them with questions?

Encourage students to visit marylhurst.edu/closure where they will find additional information and resources. In response to specific student questions, you may also direct them to one of the following resources:

Technology Systems Information

Frequently asked questions about our technology systems at Marylhurst University, including how to get your files and data out of our main academic systems.

How long will the university’s technology systems be accessible?

Academic technology systems will be accessible at least until Monday, September 20, 2018. Sometime after September 20, access to our academic systems will be disabled. We will know the date in early July and update that information here.

How do I get my data out of my Marylhurst Google Account?

Google has a tool called takeout which enables you to download all your data. Please see this help article, and then log into your Marylhurst Google Account and go to: takeout.google.com

Note that information in Team Drives is not downloaded; you will have to download those files individually.

Can I set up email forwarding? For how long?

After closure, we will not be able to forward email addresses. After we disable our email system, people emailing @marylhurst.edu addresses will receive a bounceback indicating the email address does not exist. Please update your contacts with a new email address. Until September 20, you can forward your email; here’s how. Also, you may want to turn on a vacation reply notice letting people know about your alternate email account.

Can I access past files and courses in Canvas? For how long?

Canvas provides many options for downloading/exporting your files and courses. Here is some information to get you started, but please see the Canvas guides or call Canvas support for additional information and assistance. When you log into Canvas, use the help button at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

If you want to export a course, see this Canvas help doc.
Note that Canvas provides free teacher accounts. We recommend you export your course in Canvas format, create a free account and then upload your course (student submissions are not included). You can then verify everything you need is there, and use the course as a demo.

If you want to export your course as an ePUB file, see this Canvas help doc.

If you want to export a quiz, see this Canvas help doc.

If you want to download all submissions for an assignment, see this Canvas help doc.

If you want to download a folder in a zipped format (all at once), see this Canvas help doc.

How do I access and download instructor evaluations?

Go to the Evalkit website (marylhurst.evaluationkit.com) and then click on Results > Instructor Results. Click the search button without putting anything in the query box (i.e., search everything), then use the batch results link. This will give a few options for downloading all your evaluations. BE CAREFUL to select the correct drop down for report type; the default does not include comments.

My question about technology systems is not answered here. Can I ask someone?

Yes, while the university is open, you can contact helpdesk@marylhurst.edu with your questions.