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Closure Information and Resources for Students

We’ve compiled answers to questions regarding the closure of Marylhurst University. As we get more information or clarity around certain options, we will continue to update this section of the website. If at any point you have further questions or want to discuss your specific situation, please reach out to the Enrollment and Student Services team. We’re here to help you and support you as best as we can.

One-on-One Advising Sessions

To help our students complete their degrees and achieve their educational and career goals, we’re offering one-on-one advising sessions in which we’ll go over each student’s degree completion plan. These plans could include an accelerated schedule to complete your degree by the end of Summer 2018 and transfer options to complete your program at another institution.

Individual Information Packets – Mailed to Currently Enrolled Students

We’re hoping to meet with student to provide clear advising, but we understand that some students may not be able to participate. Currently enrolled student have been mailed an information packet that includes forms to request free transcripts and other resources.

Contact Information

Academic Advising
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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Student Accounts

Financial Aid

Office of the Registrar

Newly admitted students should contact:


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Informational Events

Student Q & A Forum – May 22 & 23
Marylhurst University

Students are invited to an open Q & A forum with President Melody Rose and representatives from the Marylhurst Board of Trustees on the following dates and times:

May 22, 2018 | 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | The Old Library

May 23, 2018 | 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. |  Hawthorn Room

Students who are not able to attend in person may participate through a conference line. To participate by phone, please dial 1.888.532.0703 and enter pin # 18333.

Transfer Information Session – May 24 | 4 – 7 p.m.
Clark Commons, Marylhurst University

Several local universities will be on-site at Marylhurst to discuss transfer options. You are encouraged to bring your official transcripts for review with university representatives. The following institutions will be in attendance and this list is expected to grow:

Click on the linked schools for information specific to Marylhurst transfer students.

California Institute of Integral Studies (online and on-ground)
Concordia University

Corban University
Eastern Oregon University

George Fox University
Lewis & Clark College
Linfield College
Multnomah University
Northwest Christian University
Oregon College of Art and Craft
Oregon Health & Science University
Oregon Institute of Technology
Oregon State University
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Pacific University

Portland State University | PSU School of Business: MBA | PSU Graduate Studies
Prescott College

Southern Oregon University
St. Martin’s University

University of Oregon
Warner Pacific College
Western Oregon University
Willamette University

Please check back often to view the most current list.

Questions and Answers Regarding Closure

Does closure mean I won’t be able to complete my degree at Marylhurst?

Students who are able to complete all degree requirements by the end of Summer 2018 should be eligible to complete their degree at Marylhurst. Students who will not be completed by then will be referred to a partner institution for completion.

Each student’s situation is unique and requires thoughtful consideration. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisors to schedule an appointment to discuss their options.

Where can I complete my degree?

Each situation is unique, and our advising team is available to ensure your transition is supported. We are creating partnerships with local institutions to provide options for impacted students.

What happens to the credits I have taken at Marylhurst?

All credits earned at Marylhurst are valid even after the University has closed. They are considered regionally accredited, and will be considered for transfer by any other regionally accredited institution.

Will other universities accept Marylhurst credits?

The institution you transfer to will determine which Marylhurst credits are accepted. Through transfer agreements with other universities, Marylhurst University will do everything possible to help our students make a smooth transition and complete their degrees.

Are my credits considered regionally accredited, even if the university is closed?


Will my degree from Marylhurst still be considered valuable?

Yes, your degree from Marylhurst is still valuable! It will be recognized by employers and other colleges/universities as a valid degree with full regional accreditation.

What will happen to my academic records after closure?  

Academic records will be preserved and accessible after Marylhurst University closes. Records will be transferred to a custodian. The university will provide this information as soon as its available.

How do I obtain official transcripts now – before the university’s closure?

The current process to request transcripts has not changed. Students and alumni can order official transcripts online. Instructions for ordering transcripts are posted to the university website. Currently enrolled students will additionally be provided with FREE official transcripts to aid in the transfer process. In the packet sent to currently enrolled students in May 2018, the university included a Transcript Request and Voucher form, pre-filled out with your information. You may request up to three complimentary copies using this form, which must be redeemed no later than September 23, 2018.

How do I obtain official transcripts after the university closes?

Official transcripts and other information will also be accessible through a custodian. The university will provide this information as soon as it is available. As a courtesy, current students will be provided with complimentary copies of official transcripts in sealed envelopes once Spring term grades have been recorded. Official transcripts issued by custodians after a university’s closure are accepted as “official.”

Will the university still hold commencement ceremonies for those students finishing prior to formal closure?

June 2018 commencement activities will continue as planned. Students who have completed all degree requirements and have officially graduated in Fall 2017 and Winter 2018, as well as students who are planning on completing all remaining degree requirements in Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 are eligible to participate in commencement activities. Learn more about commencement and what you need to do to participate.

What if I need to take time off from my studies, can I come back at a later date and still complete my degree even if the university is closing?

Summer 2018 will be our final term of academic instruction at Marylhurst. Your credits earned at MU are valid to transfer to another institution, and you will be able to complete your degree elsewhere when you are ready to resume your studies.

I have a scholarship. Will I still continue to have that scholarship as I complete my degree at MU? What if I transfer elsewhere?

Yes, your scholarship will still be valid at Marylhurst through Summer 2018. Each student has a unique situation and the university will be providing financial and academic counseling to all impacted students on an individual basis.

Will student services be available to me, such as academic advising or career services?

The university is working hard to support all impacted students. Academic advising, career services, and financial counseling will be staffed through Summer term 2018 to ensure that you have time to make all necessary arrangements.

What happens to coursework that I have Incomplete (I) or In Progress (IP) grades in?

Students need to complete all requirements by the end of Summer term 2018. All outstanding assignments need to be submitted to your instructor by August 30th, 2018, so a final grade can be transcripted. Students who are not able to complete by that deadline have the option to petition for a late withdrawal/refund. Academic advising can assist with determining the best course of action for your particular situation.

I have disability accommodations at Marylhurst. Do I have to go through the same application process when I transfer to another institution?

Marylhurst will provide a letter summarizing your accommodations for you to share with other institutions. Because each institution has different processes in place, it will be up to that institution to guide you on specifics.

Admission deadlines at many schools have passed for the 2018-19 academic year. Did I miss the window to enroll somewhere else this fall?

No — many schools are still accepting applications, and we are creating partnerships with several local institutions who will make special accommodations for impacted Marylhurst students. Your academic advisor can assist you in finding the best option.

If I finish my degree after Summer 2018, what will my diploma say? Who will my degree be from?

In this scenario, it is likely that your degree will be awarded by the institution where you have completed your requirements and they will issue your diploma.

What will happen to the Marylhurst campus after the university closes?

The Marylhurst campus will revert back to its foundresses, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).

Federal Student Loan Information

I have federal student loans and my school is closing. What happens next?

There are many issues involving student loans if a student’s school closes before they complete their degree. First it is important to know about all of your student loans, including your loan debt, which schools the loans were borrowed from, and who your current loan servicer is (the agency that is responsible for collecting payments on your loans.

You can find all your federal student loan information by accessing the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at www.nslds.ed.gov. You can access the site using your FSA User ID and qualifying personal identification information.

Who is my loan servicer? How do I find that out?

When you log into NSLDS, you will see a list of every federal loan you have received. Each loan will be assigned to a loan servicer. Usually they try to keep all of your loans with one servicer. If you click on the “servicer” link, the website will bring up the contact information for that servicer.

Where can I find more information on the terms of my loans and repayment options?

Go to the federal student loans website at:

At this site, you can complete “loan exit counseling” and view “repayment calculators”

Can I transfer my financial aid from the closed school to another school?

No, financial aid does not transfer from one school to another. However, you can apply for financial aid at another school by adding the new school to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, and that school can determine what aid you will qualify for at their school.

If my school closes do I have to repay the loans I borrowed while at that school?

It depends. There are many different criteria including if you transfer credits to another school to complete your degree, and if you were enrolled at the closed school within 120 days of its closure. Here is a link to the federal student aid site with all sorts of good information for students. It answers many different questions a student may have:

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@marylhurst.edu or call 503-699-6253.

Technology Systems Information

Frequently asked questions about our technology systems at Marylhurst University, including how to get your files and data out of our main academic systems.

How long will the university’s technology systems be accessible?

Academic technology systems will be accessible at least until Monday, September 20, 2018. Sometime after September 20, access to our academic systems will be disabled. We will know the date in early July and update that information here.

How do I get my data out of my Marylhurst Google Account?

Google has a tool called takeout which enables you to download all your data. Please see this help article, and then log into your Marylhurst Google Account and go to: takeout.google.com

Can I set up email forwarding? For how long?

After closure, we will not be able to forward email addresses. After we disable our email system, people emailing @marylhurst.edu addresses will receive a bounceback indicating the email address does not exist. Please update your contacts with a new email address. Until September 20, you can forward your email; here’s how. Also, you may want to turn on a vacation reply notice letting people know about your alternate email account.

Can I access past assignments in Canvas? For how long?

Students have access to all past and present courses. After a course ends, you may only access the course in read-only format, but that does allow you to download any assignments you might have turned in.

Canvas provides many options for downloading/exporting your files and courses. Here is some information to get you started, but please see the Canvas guides or call Canvas support for additional information and assistance. When you log into Canvas, use the help button at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

If you want to download all assignments in all your courses, see this Canvas help doc.

If you want to download a single assignment, see this Canvas help doc.

If you want to download a folder in a zipped format (all at once), see this Canvas help doc.

My question about technology systems is not answered here. Can I ask someone?

Yes, while the university is open, you can contact helpdesk@marylhurst.edu with your questions.