Deadlines, Fees and Refunds

Payment Deadlines, Fees and Refunds

Marylhurst University announced in May 2018 that the university would close by the end of the year; the last classes were offered summer term 2018. With the exception of the forthcoming announcement of the custodian institution, this website is no longer actively maintained; the information presented here is for archival purposes.

Once you register for classes, you will be responsible for the tuition payment. With that, you will need to be aware of a few deadlines, possible fees and refund options if you drop a class. Upcoming term dates are available in the academic calendar.

Tuition Payment Deadline

End of the second week of classes – keep that on your calendar radar. That’s when tuition payments are due. That means you will need to make payment in full for tuition and any assessed fees unless payment arrangements have been approved by the Office of Student Accounts (like due to an employer reimbursement program).

Responsible for payment – please know that if you don’t attend classes, stop attending, or only notify the instructor, that this does not constitute official drop or withdrawal.

Payments can be made online by credit card or an ACH withdrawal from your bank account by selecting GO TO MY CASHNET ACCOUNT on the My Finances page in My Marylhurst.

On campus payments may be made by cash, personal check, business check, bank certified check and money order in the Student Account office on the main floor of the B.P. John Administration Building.

Payments may be mailed to the university and directed to the attention of the Office of Student Accounts.

Late Fees

Not making your tuition payment by the due date does mean a late fee of $50 per month that you have an outstanding balance in that term. If you think you will not be able to pay your tuition bill in time, please reach out to the Office of Student Accounts so our supportive team can look at a few possible options for you. We do want to help you, and make sure your account stays in good standing. If you still have an outstanding balance by the end of the term, it does mean you will not be able to register for classes for the next term, and we will not be able to provide transcripts or diplomas.

Returned Item Fee
If for whatever reason your personal check, eCheck or eRefund is returned, we will need to charge a $30 fee on the returned item. Our Student Accounts team will notify you of this when the fee is applied to your student account.

From monthly payment plans to employer reimbursements, learn about the various options available to you to help pay and manage your tuition bill. These options are part of our extensive online section on managing the cost of your education. Go check it out to learn how to effectively manage financing your education.

Refunds – Dropping a Class

We understand that sometimes your plans change and being able to take classes in a term may not be possible. This means you may need to drop a class or withdraw from the university.

  • Make sure you formally drop a class by the appropriate deadlines or withdraw from the university. To formally drop a class, you will need to do that through My Marylhurst. To withdraw from the university, please contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • Wait for a refund check to be processed.
  • When ready, pick up your refund check between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. each Friday. Any check not picked up will be mailed. If you anticipate a refund check, call the Office of Student Accounts at 503.699.6278 on Thursday afternoon to verify that a check will be available for you to pick up.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, dropping a class may impact your financial aid award. Learn more about maintaining financial aid and the impact of withdrawing from class.

Contact Student Accounts

If you have any questions about paying your tuition bill, what’s on your bill and options for making payments, please reach out to our supportive Student Accounts team.

Contact Student Accounts

Our office is located on the main floor of the B.P. John Administrative Bldg.