Payment FAQs – Online Transactions

How to Access Your Student Account or Pay Online (FAQs)

Marylhurst University announced in May 2018 that the university would close by the end of the year; the last classes were offered summer term 2018. With the exception of the forthcoming announcement of the custodian institution, this website is no longer actively maintained; the information presented here is for archival purposes.

How do I access my student account balance online?

  • You may access your student account at a secure location online in My Marylhurst.
  • To log in, enter your Marylhurst One Account (or Marylhurst Student ID) and password at the top of the page. Your Marylhurst ID is a 7-digit number. After you’ve logged in:
    1. Select ‘Pay Tuition’ via CASHNet
    3. Within the ‘Your Account’ box you can view your balance

How do I make my payments online?

  • Log in to My Marylhurst.
    1. Select ‘Registration and Finances’
    2. Select ‘My Finances’
    4. Within the ‘Your Account’ box select ‘Click here to make a payment’
    5. Follow prompts to make your payment.
  • Contact the Office of the Student Accounts at 503.699.6278 or if you have questions regarding online payments.

I registered for classes online. Why aren’t the charges showing up on my student account?

It can take up to 24 hours to process your online registration. You should check your student account after noon on the next business day to see your charges. If they are still not visible on your student account, verify your registration process has been completed. If it hasn’t, you may need to contact the Office of the Registrar at 503.699.6267 or email them If your registration is complete, contact the Office of Student Accounts at 503.699.6278 or

Why did my online payment not process?

  • Only credit cards and ACH debits will be processed. Debit cards are not accepted online at this time.
  • Individual banks have daily withdrawal limits or prohibitive bank terms which don’t allow the transaction to process.
  • Individual banks require a current address on file. If your address isn’t current, then the transaction won’t process. The billing address you enter must match the one associated with your credit card.

When I tried to register for classes or get transcripts/diplomas, there was an “AR Hold” for Unpaid AR Balance. What does this mean?

Any unpaid student account from a prior term will generate a hold which will prevent registration for subsequent terms until your student account balance is paid in full. This will also prevent you from receiving official transcripts and your diploma.

How does the AR Hold get removed?

  • Once you have made full payment, the AR hold will be removed from your student account after it has been reviewed and processed.
If you need to register immediately after you have made payment, you should contact the Office of Student Accounts at 503.699.6278 or and request that the hold be removed.

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