Internship Program Orientation

To complete the online internship orientation, simply follow the steps below. If you have not done so already, read the internship handbook — all the answers are found there.

1. Prepare

Working with your academic adviser, you’ll develop ideas for your internship curriculum that support the focus of your degree as well as your particular interests. You and your adviser will also discuss the number of credits you will earn. In general:

1 academic credit = 30 contact hours with the internship site
2 academic credits = 60 contact hours
3 academic credits = 90 contact hours

In many cases, before applying for an internship, you’ll need a resume, cover letter, and be prepared to interview. We can help with these steps.

2. Select an internship site

Select an internship site based on your desired learning and focus of study. Some students select sites based on the possibility of getting a job.

The site you choose must have a site supervisor. This is someone who is willing to assist you with your learning, support and sign your internship contract, and complete an evaluation.

3. Formalize the internship

Register for your department’s internship course using the Internship Registration Form. Both your career services internship instructor and your academic adviser must sign this form.

By the second week of your internship, you’ll prepare a contract outlining the learning that will take place during the internship. This contract is submitted to the career services office as soon as it is signed. Your site supervisor also retains a copy. A sample of a learning contract is available in the internship handbook.

4. Document your internship

During your partnership, keep track of your time using a timesheet or another method such as an Excel spreadsheet.

At the end, you’ll write a report documenting your learning objectives and how they were accomplished, discussing problems and successes, and reflecting on the overall internship experience.

5. Verification of completion

Complete the online orientation quiz on My Marylhurst. This will serve to verify your completion of the required orientation.

Internship concerns or problems?

If you have any concerns or problems during your internship, don’t fret! Reach out to your career services internship instructor. We’re here to help. Call 503.699.6271 or email