Tutoring and Academic Centers at Marylhurst

Writing Center

Our Writing Center tutors are here to help. We work with undergraduate and graduate students, during all stages of the writing process. We consult with you one-on-one, online or on campus. As long as you are enrolled at Marylhurst, we are happy to help you with all your academic writing endeavors, even papers for courses at another school.

A writing consultation can last up to 50 minutes. The writing assistant will ask questions about your assignment and the kind of help you need. Often she will ask you to read your paper aloud. Students catch and correct many mistakes on their own using this technique. After the live reading, the assistant will help you clearly communicate the paper’s objective, expand discussion of under-developed ideas, clarify details and reconsider how your piece is organized. The assistant also may help you with grammar or usage by focusing on common errors. Each consultation is tailored to your needs.

We assist with all kinds of writing projects, including:

  • Academic essays
  • Blogs
  • Graduate school applications
  • Presentation materials
  • Research papers
  • Résumés
  • Scholarship applications
  • Websites

The Writing Center offers a reference library of writing handbooks and guides. Marylhurst has adopted Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference as the writing handbook of choice for undergraduate classes. Copies can be found in the bookstore, at the library and at the Writing Center. Check out our tip sheets on My Marylhurst — there’s even a “comma rules” tip sheet for the comma-challenged among us!

Just to be clear, the Writing Center does not provide proofreading services. If you need editing services, contact Perrin Kerns, the director of the Writing Center. She can give you names of individuals you might hire to proofread your work. Friends and peers are also good proofreaders. (You might try reading your own paper backwards sentence by sentence: this technique helps to catch typos and sentence-level errors.)

Scheduling Appointments
Call 503.699.6277 or email writing@marylhurst.edu to schedule a consultation. You may schedule multiple appointments, but only one per week, please. Please know that your second or third appointment with a writing assistant might need to be canceled or rescheduled to accommodate another student. Should this happen, feel free to drop in at the Writing Center and ask if the tutor has time to meet with you, or email your writing project to us. Some people request appointments by phone; we really don’t recommend phone consultations, but we might make an exception. Ask us!

Writing Center
Ground Floor, Shoen Library

Summer 2018 Term Hours:
WEDNESDAY: 10 am – 3 pm

Math Resource Center

Need assistance sharpening your math skills? Tutors can help you in person at the Math Resource Center in Shoen Library. Tutors can help you see a problem from a different point of view or review concepts from your text or course.

Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment:

When requesting an appointment, please tell us:

  • your name
  • your phone number and/or email
  • course you need assistance with
  • several time/dates you are available to come to the Math Resource Center

Math Resource Center
Ground Floor, Shoen Library

All sessions with math tutors are by appointment only.

Human Subjects Research (IRB)

At some point in your academic studies, you might embark on a project involving research with human subjects. Long before you begin, you’ll need to work with, and have your project approved by, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Marylhurst. The IRB ensures that all human subject research is conducted in accordance with federal, institutional and ethical guidelines.

» About the IRB and How to Apply for Research Approval

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