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Department of Interdisciplinary & Applied Liberal Arts

Welcome! Marylhurst students within the Department of Interdisciplinary & Applied Liberal Arts are invited to reference this section of the website for up-to-date departmental and program information. Connect with program faculty members, access the course catalog for scheduling assistance and stay connected with the department community through events and advising resources.

Our Community

The Department of Interdisciplinary and Applied Liberal Arts fosters learning, critical inquiry and social engagement to better understand and address contemporary social and environmental issues. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are designed to encourage work across disciplines to develop knowledge, ask and answer challenging questions, and comprehend complexity, diversity and change in our environment, culture and society. The Department of Interdisciplinary and Applied Liberal Arts unites curriculum, events, networking and experiential learning in a collaborative community where students learn to apply a rigorous and professionally relevant liberal arts education to become better thinkers, decision makers and leaders in a wide variety of careers or further study. Our degree programs include:

Liberal Studies (B.A. or B.A.S)

Communication & Media, Liberal Studies (B.A. or B.A.S)

Environmental Studies, Liberal Studies (B.A. or B.A.S)

Social & Cultural Studies, Liberal Studies (B.A. or B.A.S)

Food Systems & Society (M.S.)

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Completing a degree is a major commitment and takes dedication. We’re here to help! Access support resources and schedule one-on-one conversations with your adviser at your convenience. We’ll help ensure you’re on track and moving forward toward your goals.

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Contact Us

Please direct all questions to Emily Bonney, coordinator for the Department of Interdisciplinary & Applied Liberal Arts.

Emily Bonney, Coordinator

Phone: 503.534.7022