Title IX FAQs

Title IX – Frequently Asked Questions

What can the university do to help me?

Marylhurst University is committed to supporting those affected by all forms of interpersonal violence. Whether you are a survivor or a witness of interpersonal violence, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations which may include a no-contact order, a change in an academic schedule, alternative housing options, access to counseling, or other accommodations. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator to request these or other accommodations.

Can I Make an Anonymous Report?

A student may make a report to Title IX without including one’s name or the name of the accused by calling the Title IX Coordinator and requesting to refrain from providing names. However, the University’s ability to investigate an incident is limited when names are not included in reports.

Making an initial anonymous report does not, in any way, prevent a student from choosing to follow-up with additional information in the future, if desired. The University always welcomes additional information after the initial complaint is made.

If I Make a Report, Will I Get in Trouble for Other Policy Violations?

In order to encourage reporting of interpersonal violence, the University will not pursue the conduct process against a student who reports interpersonal violence for lesser policy violations that occur in connection with the reported incident (including the alcohol, drug, intervisitation, or sexual intimacy policies).

What Happens When I Make a Title IX Report?

Reports made to the Title IX Coordinator will be investigated to the extent possible and information shared with certain campus administrators, if necessary, to protect the safety of individuals involved and that of the campus community. Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator does not obligate the student to pursue a Student Conduct case through the University system. A reporting student may choose to engage the Student Conduct process at any time. The University may initiate the Conduct process or take other actions if a threat to the student or community is determined.

Title IX Coordinator 

Rod Johnson
Chief of Staff & Title IX Coordinator

As the Title IX Coordinator, I can answer questions regarding the process for reporting, investigating, and adjudicating complaints of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other potential Title IX violations. Please note that I am not a confidential resource but can direct you to on- and off-campus confidential resources, as well as to other resources.

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