Academic Calendar

Marylhurst Academic Calendar

  Welcome to the Academic Calendar for Marylhurst University where you’ll find all relevant key dates that impact you as a student. If you’re looking for the events calendar, we’ve got one of those too!  It’s just located in Marylhurst events website featuring art, music, culture and academic happenings at Marylhurst.

2017-18 Academic Calendar

FALL 2017 WINTER 2018 SPRING 2018 SUMMER 2018
Registration Opens 04/24/2017 11/06/2017 01/29/2018 04/23/2018
Apply for Graduation – Deadline 08/21/2017 12/04/2017 04/16/2018* 05/21/2018
Term Begins 09/25/2017 01/08/2018 04/02/2018 06/25/2018
Full Tuition Payment Due 10/06/2017 01/19/2018 04/13/2018 07/06/2018
Term Ends 12/10/2017 03/25/2018 06/17/2018 09/02/2018

*deadline extended

Need term dates from past years? View past academic calendars.

University Closures

Marylhurst University observes the major national holidays. As part of this, there may be times our campus is closed during an academic term. We’ve listed our major closures here so you can plan accordingly.

Date Description of closure
11/10/2017 – 11/12/2017 Veterans’ Day (observed Friday)
11/23/2017 – 11/24/2017 Thanksgiving, Day After
12/25/2017 Christmas Day
12/26/2017 Additional Day at Christmas
01/01/2018 New Year’s Day
01/15/2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
03/30/2018 – 4/01/2018 Good Friday and Easter Weekend
05/26/2018 – 05/28/2018 Memorial Day Weekend
07/04/2018 Independence Day
09/01/2018 – 09/03/2018 Labor Day, Weekend Prior

Schedule of Classes

Did you know Marylhurst has an annual schedule of classes?  That means you can view when and what time our courses will be offered for the entire academic year. This really helps you in planning your education and life accordingly.

// View our Schedule of Classes

The Academic Advising Center provides advising support on all aspects of what it takes to be a successful student at Marylhurst. Our advisers assist you with navigating university rules and regulations, selecting courses and troubleshooting any academic difficulties you may encounter.