Adding or Dropping Classes

Adding or Dropping Classes at Marylhurst

As a current student, registering for a class or deciding to drop a class at Marylhurst is an easy process that’s most often done through our online student portal – My Marylhurst. Beyond the action of adding or dropping a class, we want to share a few more logistics with you about course registration. If at any point you have questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar or your academic adviser.

Add & Drop Deadlines for Classes

Last day to add a class:
Start date and time of the class, as listed in My Marylhurst. A class cannot be added after the class starts, except by department permission.

Last day to drop a class (or change credit type)
Seven (7) calendar days after the start date of the class, as listed in My Marylhurst (e.g., a class that starts Tuesday can be dropped through the following Tuesday at midnight), except as follows:

  • SHORT CLASSES: If the end date listed in My Marylhurst falls within seven (7) calendar days after the start date (e.g. a class that meets during a single weekend), the drop deadline is the start date and time of the class.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED CLASSES (e.g., directed study, independent study, projects, internships, private music lessons) cannot be dropped after the term begins.

Once you register for your classes each term, Marylhurst’s Student Accounts office will generate your tuition bill based on your financial aid (if you have any) and determine how much you owe. Please take a moment to review our “pay for classes” section for payment deadlines, refunds, fees and also how to manage the funding of your education.

Changing Your Class Registration

You can add and drop classes online via My Marylhurst up to the add/drop deadlines. Classes dropped by the drop deadline will not appear on your academic transcript, and tuition is refunded.

After the drop deadline, you can withdraw from any class through the last published day of the class using a Registration Form. A grade of W will be recorded on your academic transcript, and you are still responsible for tuition. Withdrawing from a class requires adviser approval.

If you are receiving financial aid, be sure to contact the financial aid office before changing your registration.

Dropping Classes & Financial Aid

Withdrawing from classes may impact your financial aid, and it could even mean you owe back the financial aid you have been awarded. Prior to dropping your classes, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 503.699.6253.  You can also review information about “maintaining your financial aid.”

Waitlisted Classes

If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. When a spot becomes available, we’ll add the next person on the list and notify them by email.

To add yourself to a waitlist:

  • Log in to My Marylhurst.
  • Go to Registration and Finances tab.
  • Add the class as usual.
  • If the class is full, you will see a message stating “This course is full or students are already waitlisted.”
  • Click the Add to Waitlist button.
  • The course will be listed under Waitlisted Courses on your schedule. Click the course code to see how many people are waitlisted for that course.

To leave the waitlist:

  • Find the class on your schedule.
  • Check the Drop box next to the course.
  • Click the Leave Selected Waitlist(s) button.

Classroom Assignments

To find out where your class will meet, view My Schedule in My Marylhurst (login required). Class locations are also posted on the bulletin board adjacent to the BP John Admin lobby.

If a room is not listed for a particular class, please check back a day or two before the class begins.

Classrooms may change without notice during the registration period. We recommend you confirm class locations on your first day of class.

ADM B.P. John Administrative Bldg.
BAX Baxter Hall
COM Clark Commons (Willow Room)
DAV Davignon Hall
FLA Flavia Hall
MAR Marian Hall
MAY Mayer Art Bldg.
SHO Shoen Library
STC St. Catherine Hall
VILLA Villa Maria Hall (Hemlock Room)

Not sure where your building is located? Find it on our CAMPUS MAP.

Marylhurst has four academic terms a year (fall, winter, spring and summer) with course registration for each term opening about two or three months prior to the start of classes. Visit the Academic Calendar to view all key dates.

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