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Human Studies Degree Pathway – B.A. Program

This is a pathway to a degree for the B.A. in Human Studies at Marylhurst. This is a resource to help you visualize your coursework through the degree program. This pathway is just for planning purposes and we encourage you to discuss your course plan with your academic adviser.

Summary of Degree Requirements (B.A. in Human Studies)

Major 60 credits
Marylhurst Core 44 credits
General Electives 76 credits
Total for Degree 180 credits

Year One – Pathway

Term Major Requirement Credits
Fall – Year 1 HS 302 Introduction to Human Sciences Inquiry
HMS 480 Human Studies Perspectives
Required topic: Learning
Winter – Year 1 HS 404 The History and Philosophy of the Human Sciences
HMS 484 Human Studies: Relationship with the Ineffable
Required topic: Development
Spring – Year 1 HMS 482 Human Studies: Relationship with Others
HMS 488 Humans, Being: Integration in Action
Required topic: Systems
Summer – Year 1 HMS 483 Human Studies: Relationship with the Environment
Required topic: Methods

Year Two – Pathway

Term Major Requirement Credits
Fall – Year 2 HMS 481 Human Studies: Relationship with the Self
Elective in the Major (or MTH 251 Basic Statistics)
Winter – Year 2 HMS 498 Senior Paper or HMS 494 Internships
Elective in the Major

Schedule of Classes

Did you know that Marylhurst has an annual schedule of classes available online? That means you can see which classes will be offered, by whom and when all the way up to a year in advance. It’s one other way we’re helping students plan their degree pathways.

Schedule of Classes

Academic Calendar

Marylhurst has four academic terms a year (fall, winter, spring and summer) with course registration for each term opening about two-to-three months prior to the start of classes. Visit the Academic Calendar to view all key dates.

Academic Calendar

Academic Advising 

Need help or advice about which classes to take and when? Connect with our academic advisers – no appointment necessary. We are located on the second floor, south end, of the B.P. John Administration Building. Or call us at 503.534.4050 or email

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