Student Organizations

Student Organizations & Clubs at Marylhurst

Our students bring to campus a variety of interests. You are encouraged to form and join organizations based on your interests and that support the Marylhurst mission. If you’re interested in a leadership position — and being a representative voice for other students — join our Student Advisory Group.

Student Advisory Group

What does the Student Advisory Group do? In a nutshell, these student leaders:

  • Represent student voices in issues of importance in the decision-making process of Marylhurst University
  • Promote and support student engagement as model leaders

Student Organizations

Alpha Phi Tau
Alpha Phi Tau is a chapter of the national Sigma Tau Delta Organization and focuses on encouraging English scholarship, literacy and writing.

Creative Counseling Therapies Student Group
The Creative Counseling Therapies Student Group seeks to engage students, faculty and community members in creating community and educating people about art therapy.

Labyrinth Group at Marylhurst
The Labyrinth Group at Marylhurst works to raise awareness of the labyrinth as a tool for healing and well being; to build community through use of the labyrinth at Marylhurst for students, staff, faculty and alumni as well as outreach to the wider community.
» Visit our Google site for more info, events, etc.

Marylhurst Gerontology Association
The Marylhurst Gerontology Association (MGA) encourages a new paradigm for aging that recognizes the importance of understanding aging as a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout the life course. We support visionary pilot programs promoting healthy ways of aging and professional advancement and learning, including continuing education for gerontology professionals and those in related fields. While promoting cooperation with other gerontology professionals and student organizations, MGA sponsors and co-sponsors seminars, workshops and guest speakers.

Marylhurst LGBTQ Alliance
The Marylhurst LGBTQ Alliance encourages diversity, inclusion and dialogue at Marylhurst and throughout Oregon. We help, support and give voice to the LGBTQ community present at Marylhurst University.

Marylhurst Music Therapy Student Organization
The MMTSO promotes the education, validity and purpose of the music therapy profession, specifically the goals and objectives of the American Music Therapy Association.

Marylhurst Psychology Association
The Marylhurst Psychology Association (MPA) produces well-educated, ethical and socially responsible members committed to contributing to the application and science of psychology and to society in general. We encourage public education and awareness of psychological issues across the lifespan; encourage collaboration between institutions offering psychology programs; sponsor or co-sponsor seminars, workshops and guest speakers; and support community outreach activities to promote mental health.

Marylhurst University Biblical Exegesis Society
The Biblical Exegesis Society explores scripture using the historical critical method of scriptural analysis. Open to students, alumni, faculty and staff. We provide mentoring for those beginning the process of biblical exegesis. For those with more skill, we offer the opportunity to be mentors and teachers as well as the pursuit of advanced studies with peer input and guidance.

Marylhurst University Film Group
The film group at Marylhurst University brings together the creative minds of students interested in the craft of film. We practice the art and form of filmmaking, including cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, scriptwriting, music and theory. The only way to practice the craft is to start making films!

Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS)
SOS is committed to creating a more sustainable, thriving world by empowering students to take action within the Marylhurst campus community and beyond. We foster cooperation and collaboration among students, faculty, staff, clubs and organizations in pursuit of environmentally sustainable practices, on and off campus; encourage and assist in the implementation of students’ ideas to green the campus; and cultivate awareness of students’ dedication to sustainability by educating the school and local communities of our current and proposed green initiatives.

Student Veterans Club
The Student Veterans Club is for current Marylhurst students who have served in the military or family members of those who have served. The club provides outreach and support to student veterans.

Writers Club
The Writers Club works to inspire Marylhurst students to write and publish, creating a safe space for students to share their work. Events include a variety of author readings. The club also plans to publish its own Writers Club literary magazine.

Form your own group

Food Systems program - Outcomes - MarylhurstStart your own student organization at Marylhurst! Simply complete the Student Organization Registration/Renewal Form.

Other Organizations

In addition to student organizations, there are several other groups you’re encouraged to join.

M Review
M Review is an online literary magazine managed by the faculty and students of Marylhurst University’s English Literature and Writing program. Discover poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, literary criticism, visual art and photography within the online publication. Marylhurst campus-based and online students enjoy work as associate editors for M Review. Featured work encompasses literary work from around the world with an emphasis on showcasing work by Marylhurst University students and alumni.
» M Review Current Issue

MU Sustainability Advisory Council
The Marylhurst University Sustainability Advisory Council is a primary driver of campus sustainability initiatives. This group of students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members helps keep earth stewardship a campus priority and promotes adoption of practices that will help Marylhurst become a model of ecological sustainability.

MU Alumni Network
There are many opportunities for you to become a leader and support Marylhurst by helping alumni get connected. Contact the Office of University Advancement to see how you can get involved and make a difference in our alumni network.

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