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Degrees & Programs at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon

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Whether you’re interested in a full master’s degree, completing your bachelor’s degree, earning a speciality-focused certificate or take a few courses as part of your professional development, Marylhurst University offers distinct degrees and programs to meet your career and personal goals.

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Katie Brooks - Marylhurst University

Learn more about this Marylhurst graduate and how she leveraged her liberal arts degree in English Literature to gain a leadership position in health care. 

Bachelor's degree programs at Marylhurst

Marylhurst University offers more than 10 bachelor’s degree completion programs, including business management, English literature and writing, psychology, music therapy, art, and our popular liberal studies program.

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Master's Degree Programs at Marylhurst

Ready to take charge of your future? Earn your master’s degree at Marylhurst featuring flexible graduate programs high demand areas like mental health counselingteaching and business (MBA), as well as in specialized areas like art therapy counseling, food systems and divinity.

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Certificate and Endorsement Programs at Marylhurst

Interested in gaining a competitive edge in your career? Consider earning a certificate in a specific topic. Certificates are a grouping of specialized courses giving you that concentrated knowledge and skills to advance. Are you a teacher? Learn more about our endorsement programs that help you be a more effective teacher that can meet the needs of all children.

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Professional Development at Marylhurst

Looking for a short seminar, workshop or weekend course to rev-up your skills? Marylhurst’s Professional Development Center offers noncredit, easily accessible, career-focused trainings and sessions.  You don’t need to be an admitted student at Marylhurst to take these.

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Courses at Marylhurst University

If a full degree program, certificate or endorsement are not what you had in mind, and all you need is just a few courses, then register as a non-degree seeking student to get access to our courses.

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Credit for Prior Learning

This is a unique program at Marylhurst University in which you can earn undergraduate college credit for past experience, such as military service, volunteer work and on-the-job training. See how this program can get you that much closer to completing your bachelor’s degree.

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