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Curriculum: B.A. in Culture and Media Studies at Marylhurst

What does it mean to live in an increasingly globalized and digital world, wherein the world can feel at once strikingly small and stubbornly incomprehensible? As a student in the B.A. in Culture and Media Studies program you will examine culture and media from a historical, economic, political and global perspective.  You will gain writing, thinking and communicative skills to advocate for change that truly impacts societal issues. To gain this knowledge set, all students take coursework in American, global, gender, media and film studies, with a strong encouragement to pursue an internship.

  The B.A. in Culture & Media Studies program is now accepting inquiries and applicants for 2017.  

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Culture and Media Degree Requirements: What You Will Study

To earn your bachelor’s in Culture and Media Studies from Marylhurst, you will complete 180-quarter credits (through a combination of courses and by transferring in credits). The degree requirements feature three main areas:

Major requirements (60 credits)

  • Core courses include topics like media, history and society, historical perspectives, literary and critical theory. Sample course titles include:
    •  Comparative Media History
    • Film as Art and Form
    • Literary and Critical Theory.
  • You will also take a combination of courses from American studies, gender studies, global studies, media and film studies and social philosophy. Sample course titles include:
    • Minorities in the United States
    • Media and Globalization
    • Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory
    • United States-Middle East Relations
    • The Literature of Resistance.
  • Major electives – select coursework from communication, additional culture and media courses, literature, writing or art to fine-tune your program of study to best meet your career and personal goals.
  • Senior paper or Internships
    Whether you choose to do the paper or complete an internship, we provide support for both, including help with internship placement.

Marylhurst Core (40 credits)
Fundamental coursework focused on the applied liberal arts such as communication skills, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and leadership.

General electives (80 credits)
Choose courses outside of communication from Marylhurst’s diverse undergraduate programs to better define your career focus. Most Marylhurst incoming students transfer in credit from their previous college work or through our Prior Learning Assessment program.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Student at Marylhurst UniversityInterested in combining culture and media coursework with another academic discipline, like English? If you have a specific career goal or interests that span more than one academic subject, consider our bachelor’s degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies. Through this program, you can design a degree (with guidance from academic advisers and faculty) that best meets your career aspirations.

// Learn more about Interdisciplinary Studies

Transfer in Your Previous College Credit

Most of Marylhurst’s incoming students transfer in college credit from either community colleges or another four-year institution. The average credits transferred is about 45-to-50 credits and many students enter the university with the majority of their MU Core or General Electives requirements completed.

Degree Completion

Student at Marylhurst UniversityThe average time to complete the B.A. in Culture and Media Studies program is two years. Marylhurst is a degree completion institution meaning most of our students enter our university with some previous college credit, reducing the investment of time and financial resources necessary to earn their degree.

  View a  SAMPLE DEGREE PATHWAY for the Culture and Media Studies program that shows you classes in the program and how  (over a few terms) you can complete this degree.

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