Human Studies Careers

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Careers: B.A. in Human Studies at Marylhurst

By intent and design, the human studies program exposes you to a powerful holistic intellectual sensibility that can be harnessed on behalf of a wide variety of personal, educational and professional endeavors within human studies careers.  Our graduates often go on to graduate school for social work, education, counseling, psychology, art therapy and interdisciplinary studies. And many go on to work in the helping professions, the social services, organizational and community development, the nonprofit sector and education.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, community and social services occupations are expected to grow by more than 10 percent in the next decade. The field is set to add more than 257,000 new jobs. On average, jobs in this field earned over $42,000 a year.

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Human Studies Careers: Sample Job Titles

Because of the focus on the individual, human studies degree graduates pursue diverse careers and job titles in healthcare, service and the nonprofit sector including:

  • Diversity program coordinator
  • Nonprofit program manager
  • Community relations specialist
  • Patient relations coordinator
  • Social worker *
  • Human services advocate
  • Social services manager *
  • Inclusion specialist
  • Victim advocate *
  • Grants writer
  • Research/writing assistant
  • Community impact associate
  • Personal coach
  • Mental health specialist *
  • Gerontology specialist *

 Requires additional training or graduate-level coursework.

Career and Internship Services

Marylhurst University campusAs a Marylhurst student, you will have access to our Career and Internship Services team who offer everything from resume help to internship placement. And this service continues beyond your years with Marylhurst, as an alum, you have access to career management and assistance from our hands-on, caring team.

Connected faculty
Because most of our faculty are also practitioners in their specialized field, you benefit from their network. Connections and relationships you build during your program will give you a significant advantage in your career field.

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