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Custom Design Your Bachelor’s Degree – Individualized Degree Plan at Marylhurst

If your career goals and educational interests don’t fit into a traditional bachelor’s degree, consider an individualized degree program option in Liberal Studies. Marylhurst’s B.A. in Liberal Studies allows you to work with faculty to develop an individualized curriculum that fits your life experience and plans. Enjoy an interdisciplinary approach to the academic areas of interest to you while surrounding yourself within an intellectually rigorous educational opportunities and a scholarly community of students and faculty who collaboratively bring individual topics into focus across disciplinary lines.

If you hold an Associate’s of Applied Science (A.A.S.) or have earned vocational or technical credit, leverage the technical skills you learned in community college as you complete a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Liberal Studies.

Build on your experience and earn a bachelor’s in Liberal Studies through an individualized degree plan. 

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Individualized Degree Plan Requirements: What You Will Study

To earn your Bachelor of Art in Liberal Studies from Marylhurst through an individualized degree plan, you complete 180-quarter credits (through a combination of courses and by transferring in credits). The degree requirements feature three main areas:

Individualized Degree Plan

60 Credits

Your program curriculum is drawn from the various subject areas at Marylhurst to formulate a degree plan that leads to your desired educational career goals. You work with faculty and an academic adviser to evaluate your previous college work, determine your goals and then lay out a plan with the most direct path toward graduation. You’ll also complete a senior project that deepens your learning in your area of study.

Marylhurst Core

40 Credits

Gain applied liberal art skills in inquiry, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and leadership through Marylhurst Core coursework. The Marylhurst Core is a series of classes focused on helping you become an informed citizen capable of understanding our complex world in complex ways. You will take courses from the following categories:

  • Analytical and Applied Learning
  • Academic Skills and Foundations
  • Core Values
  • Critical Reflection and Integrative Learning

General Electives

80 Credits

Select courses outside of Liberal Studies from Marylhurst’s diverse undergraduate programs to broaden and further customize your education to your career goals.

Because Marylhurst University is a degree completion institution, most MU students transfer in credit either from previous four-year institutions or from a community college to finish their major courses with us. On average, a typical MU student transfers in enough credits to meet the 76 general elective requirement.  Many students also choose to take advantage of Marylhurst’s popular Credit for Prior Learning program and receive elective credit by demonstrating the knowledge they’ve acquired through work and life experiences.

Degree Completion – Helping Students Finish Their Degree

More than 90% of Students Transfer in Credits to Marylhurst University

Marylhurst is a degree completion university. Whether you started your bachelor’s degree 10+ years ago or are at a community college now, we’re prepared to help you cross that graduation finish line with a degree that compliments your career aspirations. Here’s how:

 A wide range of transfer credits accepted – We’re a leading institution in accepting transfer credits from other institutions.

 Strong partnerships with community colleges – Starting your educational path at a local community college is an excellent choice.  It saves you money and time. When you’re ready to go on and complete your bachelor’s degree, Marylhurst has a seamless transfer process from the community college.

 A top-notch prior learning assessment program – Marylhurst continues to be a leader in assessing and accepting credits for learning done outside of the traditional classroom – like on-the-job training or military experience.

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Careers in Liberal Studies

Students earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies develop and apply rigorous and professionally relevant liberal arts knowledge and skills to become better thinkers, decision makers and leaders in a wide variety of careers or in further study.

Students who choose to create an individualized degree program can tailor their educational experience to fit a variety of career paths. Because the program allows students  to consult with faculty to customize and design a degree path based on professional goals, the variety of job options are extensive.  Our graduates have pursued careers in business, communications, teaching and the arts, and entered master’s and Ph.D. programs in numerous disciplines, including English, psychology, social work, ministry, public administration and environmental science.

SUSAN HESS LOGEAIS is a seeker, a lifelong learner. And she’s made Marylhurst University the latest destination on her memorable journey through life by developing an individualized degree plan.

Susan has been on the cover of Vogue, acted with stars such as Nicolas Cage and Alec Baldwin, and danced with the San Francisco Ballet. Through an individualized degree plan, Susan was able to build on her vast professional experiences and pursue a career in socially responsible film-making as the owner of Hot Flash Films PDX.  Susan graduated with honors in 2014. Read more about Susan’s journey.

Career and Internship Services

As a Marylhurst student, you will have access to our Career and Internship Services team who offer everything from resume help to internship placement. And this service continues beyond your years with Marylhurst, as an alum, you have access to career management and assistance from our hands-on, caring team.

Exceptional Faculty

Sean Gillon - Food Systems Faculty - Marylhurst University“Marylhurst’s Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Communications and Media is a career-focused program taught by practitioner faculty with years of experience within their industries. I look forward to working with you in this program as you move your career forward.”

~ Sean Gillon, Faculty Member and Department Chair of Interdisciplinary and Applied Liberal Arts

Marylhurst faculty within the Liberal Studies program hold advanced degrees from prestigious colleges and universities and many have been recognized for their professional accomplishments and academic credentials in the industry. Faculty are committed to student growth and collectively support students in a collaborative learning environment.

Because most of our faculty are also practitioners in their specialized field, you benefit from their network. Connections and relationships you build within your communication and media courses will give you a significant advantage in your career field.

We invite you to learn more about the communication and media faculty who support Marylhurst’s Liberal Studies program: View Faculty Biographies.

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