Music Curriculum – Bachelor’s Program

Music Curriculum: B.A. in Music at Marylhurst

Marylhurst University’s music curriculum within the bachelor’s degree is a flexible program, designed to provide you with core music skills while allowing you to explore other music interests. In our small, intimate classes and private lessons, you’ll receive guidance and one-on-one support to develop your musical talent.

Students in the B.A. in Music program study a music curriculum that includes traditional music subjects in theory, harmony, form and analysis, composition, music history and literature. Practical skills such as aural dictation, sight-singing, keyboard harmony and improvisation are also developed.  Through a combination of traditional music education and other liberal arts academic disciplines , you’ll develop a greater appreciation of music and strengthen your ability to articulate music’s importance in society.

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Music Curriculum & B.A. Degree Requirements: What You Will Study

As part of this degree, you complete 180-quarter credits (through a combination of courses and by transferring in credits) to earn your B.A. in Music from Marylhurst. The degree requirements feature three main areas:

Major requirements (82 credits)

Within the B.A. in Music degree program, you will study fundamentals with courses in theory, aural and keyboard proficiency skills. Performance in ensembles and instruments are also represented within the required curriculum and supported by music language, history and composition coursework. Throughout your studies, you will broaden your musical exposure through concert attendance and the enjoy the opportunity to showcase your own acquired academic, musical performance and creativity skills through a capstone project in your final year.

Marylhurst core requirements (40 credits)

Fundamental coursework focused on the applied liberal arts such as communication skills, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and leadership.

General electives (58 credits)

To define your career focus, choose courses outside of the music arena from Marylhurst’s diverse undergraduate programs.

No Foreign Language Required in this Music Curriculum

Marylhurst’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs don’t require the typical two years of foreign language. Instead, students focus on major courses within the music curriculum and complete a general Marylhurst core that features content aimed at increasing knowledge and skills in the liberal arts – such as critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and multicultural competency.

Featured Student – Laith Toma

Laith Toma - Music Student - Marylhurst“I never thought joining a choir would have this strong of an impact on my life. I have to say that I’ve never felt so many chills going up and down my spine and I’ve never had such powerful emotional responses as I did singing with the Marylhurst Chamber Choir in Ireland. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ll never forget it. I got exactly what I wanted out of it and more. Thank you so much to Marylhurst for always supporting us and giving us the help we needed to get out there. I’m glad we were able to bring back a trophy for this school that has changed my life so much in the short 18 months that I’ve been here. I can’t wait for the next competition!”

~ Laith Toma, Tenor, Marylhurst University student

Transfer in Your Previous College Credit

The majority of Marylhurst’s incoming students transfer in college credit from either community colleges or another four-year institution. The average credits transferred is about 45-to-50 credits and most students enter the university with the majority of their MU Core requirements completed.

Degree Completion

The average time to complete the B.A. in Music program is four years. Marylhurst is a degree completion institution meaning most of our students enter our university with some previous college credit; saving time and financial resources necessary to earn a degree.

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