Psychology Curriculum – B.A. Program

 B.A. in Psychology Curriculum at Marylhurst

In Marylhurst’s psychology curriculum, you will study of human thought, behavior and experience.  As a psych major, you will develop an understanding of fundamental learning, mental health, developmental, sociocultural and biopsychological concepts and theories. Social and biological influences on human behavior will be studied while you learn to think critically about research methodology and scholarly inquiry.  Marylhurst’s psychology curriculum will develop your ability to recognize the ways in which theory, scientific investigation, politics and public opinion influence the identification, classification and treatment of psychological disorders. 

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and multicultural competency.

Marylhurst’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs don’t require the typical two years of foreign language. Instead, students focus on major courses within the psychology curriculum and complete a general Marylhurst core that features content aimed at increasing knowledge and skills in the liberal arts – such as critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and multicultural competency.


  The B.A. in Psychology program is now accepting inquiries and applications for 2018. Classes begin September 24. Connect with an admissions counselor and apply early for priority consideration. 


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Transfer Friendly

The majority of Marylhurst’s incoming students transfer in college credit from either community colleges or another four-year institution. The average credits transferred is about 45-to-50 credits and most students enter the university with the majority of their MU Core requirements completed.

Degree Completion

The average time to complete the B.A. in Psychology program is three years. Marylhurst is a degree completion institution meaning most of our students enter our university with some previous college credit; saving time and financial resources necessary to earn a degree.

Psychology Curriculum & Degree Requirements

Marylhurst University

To earn your B.A. in Psychology you will complete 180-quarter credits (through a combination of courses and by transferring in credits) within three main areas:

Major requirements (60 credits)

The psychology curriculum allows for comprehensive consideration of the foundational content areas, theories, methodologies and practical approaches in psychology.  Throughout your coursework, you will study applied, cultural, cognitive and developmental psychology while acquiring practice in your academic research and writing skills. As a psychology major, you will participate in an internship, service learning, advanced research project, or a combination of internship and research related to your educational and professional interests and goals.

Marylhurst core requirements (40 credits)

Fundamental coursework focused on the applied liberal arts such as communication skills, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and leadership.

General electives (80 credits)

To support your career focus, choose courses outside of psychology from Marylhurst’s diverse undergraduate programs.

art therapy careers

Art Therapy Prep Track

Interested in combining your psychology skills within the field of art? Marylhurst offers a master’s program in Art Therapy Counseling. As a psychology student pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you can take a select group of courses in art and art therapy to prepare for admissions into the master’s program.

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