Music Therapy Curriculum – B.M.T.

Music Therapy Program at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon

Bachelor of Music Therapy Curriculum at Marylhurst

The Bachelor of Music Therapy curriculum and coursework teach you critical skills in human sciences, mathematics and music, including developmental psychology and ethics, the physiology of controlling stress and tension, human anatomy, psychosocial aspects of aging, and songwriting. Throughout the B.M.T. degree program you will complete a capstone project; participate in a clinical internship; and develop proficiency in the clinical instruments of voice, piano and guitar.

After completing the Music Therapy curriculum you are eligible to apply for a clinical internship to one of the AMTA National Roster Internship sites or to one of Marylhurst University’s affiliated internship programs. Following the internship, you will receive your Marylhurst diploma, complete the national board certification exam, and be eligible to begin your career as a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC).

Marylhurst music therapy graduates pass the board certification exam at a 25% higher rate than the national average!

  The B.M.T. program is now accepting inquiries and applicants for 2018.  Auditions will be held in February.

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Music Therapy Curriculum & B.M.T. Degree Requirements

To earn your B.M.T. you will complete 180-quarter credits (through a combination of courses and by transferring in credits) within three main areas:

Music Therapy Major requirements (142 credits)

Curriculum within the BMT program comprised of music therapy, music and non-music course requirements provides a well-rounded education that prepares students for licensure and successful industry careers.

  • Music therapy requirements: Coursework in music therapy includes (but is not limited to) guitar skills, percussion methods and proficiency, advanced keyboard, songwriting and the psychology of music.
    • Clinical training: Marylhurst offers extensive pre-internship clinical training comprised of nine terms of weekly fieldwork experience under on-site supervision by a board-certified music therapist. As a student, you will gain hands-on experience with a minimum of three different populations in your fieldwork. You will receive group supervision and coursework to develop documentation skills to prepare you for your internship and professional career.
    • Capstone project: In your final year of study, you will complete a capstone project through a comprehensive proposal for music therapy services or a creative endeavor particular to your professional career development interests. An individualized AMTA competency evaluation, internship training plan and public presentation concludes your capstone project.
  • Music requirements: While most students begin the music therapy program with competency in at least one of the designated clinical instruments of voice, piano and guitar, the music curriculum is designed to develop your proficiency in each. Required coursework also includes (but is not limited to) the study of performance in ensembles, performance on primary instrument, aural skills, functional keyboard and vocal skills, music history and literature, musical language and concert attendance.
  • Non-music requirements: Rounding out the BMT major requirements, students broaden their studies in human sciences, mathematics, and science through the study of personality theory, psychosocial aspects of aging, counseling theories, child and adolescent psychology, statistics, behavior modification and human anatomy.

Marylhurst core requirements (36 credits)

Complete fundamental coursework focused on the applied liberal arts such as communication skills, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving and leadership.

General electives (2 credits)

Choose a course outside of the music therapy arena from Marylhurst’s diverse undergraduate programs to further support your individual career goals.

Second Degree Students, Equivalency Program

Student at Marylhurst UniversityBecome a board-certified music therapist with an EXISTING BACHELOR’S DEGREE through Marylhurst University’s accelerated degree equivalency program. Supplement your existing degree with music therapy coursework to prepare yourself for licensure and a music therapy career.

 Learn more about this accelerated program.

Transfer in Your Previous College Credit

The majority of Marylhurst’s incoming students transfer in college credit from either community colleges or another four-year institution. The average credits transferred is about 45-to-50 credits and most students enter the university with the majority of their MU Core requirements completed.

Degree Completion

The average time to complete the Bachelor of Music Therapy program is four years. Marylhurst is a degree completion institution meaning most of our students enter our university with some previous college credit; saving time and financial resources necessary to earn a degree.

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