Artistic Space

Artistic Space on Campus at Marylhurst

The Marylhurst campus inspires artists and creatives alike with unique spaces to exhibit art work and to create it. Learn more about the artistic community at Marylhurst University and how this unique, historic campus is a cultural hub in the NW region.

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Mayer Art Building - Marylhurst

Mayer Art Building

Your art classes will be held in the Mayer Art Building featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that allow incredible natural light and open, inviting space. In addition, Mayer Art Building features a mini art gallery showcasing student work.

Art Gym - Marylhurst

Art Gym

Marylhurst University is home to one of the premier art galleries in the NW featuring contemporary art exhibitions. As an art student in the B.F.A. program, as a senior, you will have the opportunity to present your art work in the Art Gym in a formal exhibition.

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Streff Gallery - Marylhurst

Streff Gallery

Inside the Shoen Library at Marylhurst University is a unique space that offers student artists the chance to feature their work. Throughout the year, the Streff Gallery highlights art exhibitions – like the Art Therapy Senior Exhibition.

A beautiful, historic campus

Marylhurst University is located just 10 miles south of downtown Portland and just minutes from the beautiful Willamette River. More than 60 tranquil acres make up our campus with historic buildings built in the 1930s. Come take a tour. Parking is free.

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