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Careers: B.F.A. in Art at Marylhurst

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Today’s artists primarily work independently. Fine arts careers include regular exhibitions in commercial galleries, public or private commissions, and consultation on design teams. If you plan to continue your education, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Art will also prepare you for a master’s degree program in art, including Marylhurst’s Master’s in Art Therapy Counseling.

Fine arts careers within the art industry are projected to grow two percent in the next decade and art sales will continue to be largely dependent on the state of the financial economy, with the majority of American’s viewing art purchases as optional expenses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While fine arts careers are not projected to grow as rapidly as in other industries, artists with a bachelor’s degree are prepared to successfully position their work in the market, enjoy diverse career options and earn higher salaries.

  The B.F.A. program accepts students each term (fall, winter, spring and summer) and is now receiving inquiries and applications for 2017. . 

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Fine Arts Careers: Sample Job Titles

A fine art degree can lead toward diverse careers and job titles including:

  • 2D and 3D Marketing Artist
  • Professional Photographer
  • Commercial Artist
  • Art director
  • Art Instructor
  • Art Dealer
  • Gallery Director
  • Artistic Director
  • Art Exhibit Manager
  • Art Director
  • Museum Curator or Manager
  • Preparator
  • Arts Writer
  • Art Handler
  • Collection Manager
  • Registrar
  • Art Consultant
  • Fabrication Specialist
  • Printmaking Tech
  • Master Printer
  • Project Manager
  • Media Tech
  • Production Assistant

Career and Internship Services

As a Marylhurst student, you will have access to our Career and Internship Services team who offer everything from resume help to internship placement. And this service continues beyond your years with Marylhurst, as an alum, you have access to career management and assistance from our hands-on, caring team.

Connected faculty
Because most of our faculty are also practitioners in their specialized field, you benefit from their network. Connections and relationships you build during your program will give you a significant advantage in your career field.

Fine Arts Careers – Featured Student – Laura Hogan

Laura Hogan - B.F.A. in Art - Feature - Marylhurst UniversityThere are many words that describe Bachelor of Fine Arts student Laura Hogan, but not one of them is “ordinary.” Born in Boise, Idaho, Laura moved with her mom to Saipan, part of the Northern Mariana Islands in the South Pacific, when she was 14 years old. She attended high school there, and Saipan was the place where she first started painting. After high school, she returned to the Northwest and attended Portland Community College off and on for five years. She wanted to get her general courses completed, but she still did not know what direction she wanted to take her art.  Find out what brought Laura to Marylhurst and how the B.F.A. in Art fit with her overall career path.

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