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Join other professional educators who are committed to providing learning environments that support the literacy development of ESOL and bilingual students.

Increasingly diverse reading competencies within P-12 classrooms has grown local industry demand for teachers with expertise in reading curriculum beyond what is taught within traditional M.A. in Teaching or Master of Education degree programs.  Designed for P-12 licensed educators, Marylhurst University’s Reading Endorsement provides specialized preparation in literacy theory and practice, further preparing you as an educator to assess, instruct and nurture students with reading difficulties.

As a Reading Endorsement recipient, you will be prepared to serve as a reading specialist, instructional coach or teacher-leader at the early childhood and elementary school levels or at the middle and high school levels.

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Reading Endorsement Curriculum

To earn the reading endorsement, you’ll be asked to complete 24 credits in the following curriculum:

Benefit from an introduction to linguistic description as you study theories of language acquisition and applications to the classroom. Develop skills to analyze components of language and study first and second language acquisition theories. Attitudes toward dialect variation, approaches to teaching language complexity, and implications for the teaching of reading, writing and spoken language will be explored.

EDU 506 Reading Essentials for Pre-K-5 Learners: Participate in a comprehensive exploration of the theories and strategies of reading instruction and student reading comprehension. Within this course, you will learn the effective use of diverse reading strategies including constructivist and prescriptive reading instructional practices.


EDU 534 Reading Essentials for Secondary Learners: Review key skills and techniques for teaching reading comprehension to secondary students. Participate in an investigation of the current models and trends in reading comprehension. As a student, you will study your own development as a reader and explore issues related to reading difficulty experienced by adolescents.

Examine the writing process as it helps adolescents gain concepts and deeper understanding of subject- area content. Experience writing about subject-area content, the learning process, and unique issues specific to the subject-area discipline. This course offers an opportunity to build assessment skills by developing writing trait rubrics and it includes hands-on technology integration.

How can educators use the piles of student assessment data available in their schools to improve teaching and learning? This course meets the needs of a wide range of participants and prepares educators to use data to catalyze and support improvement in reading in K-12 schools. The focus is on learning how to screen, progress monitor and use formative and summative assessment data to inform decisions about reading. This course will provide a balanced research-based approach to learning how assessment can inform practice. At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to interpret a variety of reading assessments, such as “concepts of print” early reading inventories and miscue analysis, and other more thorough reading diagnostics, such as a Qualitative Reading Inventories.

EDU 552 Elementary Literature and Nonfiction: Consider applications for using elementary literature and nonfiction in the classroom. This course explores and reviews traditional genres such as picture books, traditional tales, modern realism, romance, adventure, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, biography, poetry and nonfiction. Class discussions orient this study of literature to cultural diversity.


EDU 553 Adolescent/Adult Literature and Nonfiction: Review applications for using adolescent literature and nonfiction in the classroom. This course explores and reviews traditional genres such as picture books, traditional tales, graphic novels, modern realism, romance, adventure, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, biography, poetry and nonfiction. This study of literature focuses on cultural diversity and multiple perspectives of current events.

A technical reading course for those pursuing elementary licensure or elementary-level teachers who seek additional research and expertise on the science and stages of beginning reading and writing instruction. Special attention is given to principles of emergent literacy and various factors associated with emergent reading development, and approaches to organization and literacy instruction through the primary level are also considered. The reciprocal relationship between early writing and reading is emphasized.

Focus on individualized diagnosis and instruction for struggling readers. Review research-based strategies and assessment tools to inform instruction, meet the needs of individual learners and develop an understanding of the issues related to effective reading instruction. Emphasis is placed on English language learners and students in poverty.

The practicum is a guided placement or position, which provides the opportunity to apply course and program content, pedagogy, diagnostics, assessment, and leadership knowledge skills and attitudes.

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You may apply and begin an endorsement program four times a year, with classes beginning fall, winter, spring and summer terms. If you are a Master of Art in Teaching or Master of Education student, you may also add the Reading Endorsement to your standard degree plan.

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