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If you just want to take a class or two at Marylhurst for professional development or personal enrichment, you absolutely can. We offer Marylhurst classes each fall, winter, spring and even summer. If you are not interested in a full degree program with us, you just need to complete a simple application form to take classes as a nondegree student.

Explore our Schedule of Classes

See what courses are coming up at Marylhurst. We have an annual schedule and that means you can see courses up to a year out. If you find a course you are interested in, complete our nondegree student application (super simple form) to get set up to register.  Please know that some classes have prerequisites – meaning you may need to meet requirements to take the class.  You can always contact our Office of Admissions at or 503.699.6268 if you have a question about a class.

Schedule of Classes

Registering for Classes

Did you find a class in our schedule that you are interested in?  That’s great! In order to register for a class, without formally pursuing a degree with us, means you just need to complete our nondegree student application form. There’s no fee to submit the application. Please know that as a nondegree student, you won’t be able to qualify for financial aid with us.

Once you submit your application, you will receive a letter with your Marylhurst ID and information on how to register for your class.

Featured Marylhurst Classes

CCM 346 – Conflict Management

Since conflict is inevitable in life, and even necessary for positive change, the intelligent action is to manage the conflict. A constructive approach is developed by learning to diagnose conflict, clarify values and select appropriate interventions. Students explore practical applications of assertiveness, responsive listening and other conflict communication techniques.

Marylhurst University campus

BUS 310 – Business Economics

This course prepares students to be better consumers, employees, employers and voters. Microeconomic concepts of scarcity, supply-and-demand, profit maximization and the economic analysis of projects will be covered, as well as macroeconomic concepts such as business cycles, GDP, inflation and unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy, and international trade and globalization.

LIT 328 – The Short Story

How do writers make the ordinary extraordinary? To find out, students read stories by masters of the form. The course focuses on elements of fiction and a study of the craft of short story writing and provides an understanding and appreciation for this literary form.

  • Regionally accredited university (NWCCU accredited)
  • Small classes with individual focus from our renowned faculty
  • Engaging courses with team-orientated projects and networking opportunities
  • Flexible options with diverse program focus areas
  • Many courses offered online, in the evenings or on the weekends
  • Transfer credit options and prior-learning assessment (earn credit for career/life experience)

Looking for Professional Development?

Maybe you just want a workshop, a weekend class or seminar around career-related topics. Marylhurst’s Professional Development Center offers a variety of coursework that is not-for-credit (meaning you are not pursuing a degree) and designed to enhance you as a professional.

Looking for Private Music Lessons?

Looking for private music lessons?

Our high-quality music program offers offer music lessons for adults and children in various music topics and instruments:

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