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Art Therapy Workshops at Marylhurst

Considering art therapy as a possible career option? Marylhurst’s workshops are an excellent opportunity for you to try a course or two. A background in psychology and the art form are the only prerequisites. You will learn from experienced, practicing therapists in the Portland area, and explore the expressive therapies in a comfortable and creative way.

Continuing Education Credit

Most workshops may be taken as Continuing Education Credit (CE). One CE equals 10 contact hours of Continuing Education Credit.

Marylhurst University has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 4465.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  Marylhurst University is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

How to register for Continuing Education (CE):

  1. Apply online as a Nondegree Applicant.
  2. Fill out the registration form using the course number “0” (e.g., AT 075) then fax or bring the form to the Registrar’s office (located on the main floor of the B.P. John Administrative Building).


The cost of CE is $175 per workshop.
(Graduate students in a degree program should register for the 500-level class and will pay the usual tuition rate.)

Art Therapy Workshops:

Group Therapy: Effective Strategies for Leading a Successful Group  |  July 21 – 22, 2017

Learn to create a viable group that addresses individual needs while also attending to the importance of the therapeutic properties of the group. Designed for group therapists in private practice, community mental health, HMO’s, inpatient and residential settings, this workshop provides practical models and skills to enhance group effectiveness and increase the therapeutic qualities that are possible in all types of groups. You will examine the skills necessary for leading vital, effective, cohesive, and meaningful groups. (Course AT020A) Learn more & register.

Bereavement & Art Therapy |  July 28-29, 2017

This course will introduce how the use of art therapy can be used to help companion the bereaved. Participants will review and explore current developmental and theoretical models of bereavement. In addition, this course will study how the use of art therapy in an established art based group has been combined with grief theory help to address issues of grief and loss.

The role of coming to terms with loss, making meaning, continuing bonds, and ritual will be discussed and illuminated through the case study and lecture. The course will also address issues of complicated grief responses. Participants will explore and examine their own beliefs and experiences with grief and loss through experiential art processes. There is no need to have previous art experience to participate in this course, only a willingness to explore your beliefs through your inherent creativity. Learn more and register.

Intro to Dance Movement Therapy  |  August 4 – 5, 2017

This course includes an overview of the profession, treatment approaches with different ages and populations, assessment strategies and research.  Participants learn how dance movement therapy fosters growth and awareness, by participating in a movement experience, reading, lecture and discussion. (Course AT080A) Learn more and register.

Therapeutic Storytelling  |  August 11 – 12, 2017

This class will integrate the interpersonal neurobiology perspective with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to provide a way to better understand how stories can shape, inform and affect our lives. We will examine the three common structural elements (departure, initiation and return) of stories and explore the parts or archetypes that link stories together into universal themes. The fascinating world of brain science will help inform us about how the brain responds to words and how story telling affects attachment and emotional/cognitive learning.

The class will combine different learning styles of video, lecture, discussion and exercises to enhance the integration of the learning. (Course AT057A) Learn more and register.

Art Therapy in the Schools  |  August 18 – 19, 2017

This course provides an overview on implementing art therapy in the school setting.  Using art examples, discussion, and a hands on approach, we will explore how art therapy techniques enhance student learning, provide assessment data, and address behavioral concerns.  Recommended for art therapists, school counselors, classroom and special education teachers, school administrators, and other professionals wishing to acquire information about introducing art therapy in the school setting. (Course AT090A) Learn more and register.

Introduction to Art Therapy Workshop  |  August 25 – 26 2017

This workshop combines an enjoyable hands-on approach with discussions, videotape, and art examples to introduce students to art therapy. Art experiences in class assist with the integration of information. History and Development of the Profession are discussed. Recommended for those exploring art therapy as a career option, for human services practitioners who wish to acquire basic understanding of art therapy in theory and practice, and for students who plan to attend intermediate-level classes in art therapy during summer term. (Course AT075A) Learn more and register.


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