Careers in Health Care Management

Health Care Management Career Options with an MBA

The job market within the health care industry has experienced major growth over the past 50+ years and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry will continue to grow, adding 15.6 million new jobs before 2022.

Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the legal and regulatory environment within the United States health care system has changed dramatically. Policy shifts and changing insurance company practices, along with recent technological advancements and the digitalization of patient records, are fueling demand for business-savvy health care managers who can navigate these changes while remaining sensitive to business needs.

75% of recent Marylhurst MBA graduates say they saw a salary increase.

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Sample Career Titles with an MBA in Health Care Management

The health care industry’s accelerating job market offers an incredibly diverse employment landscape for business professionals holding an MBA. An MBA specialized in health care management can help you succeed in any one of a broad range of career paths, including:

  • Nurse manager*
  • Health care consultant
  • Health informatics director*
  • Pharmaceutical representative
  • Patient advocacy manager
  • Hospital human resources manager
  • Long-term care administrator
  • Marketing manager, health care marketing firm
  • Chief medical officer*
  • Chief financial officer, hospital
  • Chief executive officer, hospital
  • Hospital administrator
  • Project manager, pharmaceutical company
  • Manager, private medical practice
  • Manager, health insurance company

*These professions may require additional education or certification beyond an MBA.

Beau McNeff, Featured MBA Alum

Beau McNeff - MBA in Health Care Management Alum - MarylhurstMarylhurst MBA graduates are succeeding in an array of fields. A typical example is Beau McNeff. A married father of two and a second lieutenant in the Army Medical Command, Beau earned his MBA with a concentration in health care management. Halfway through his program he was promoted by Kaiser Permanente to manage a primary care clinic in Salem, Oregon, where he immediately put his new skills to work.

“Marylhurst is a place to flourish, a place to thrive and a place for new ideas and perspectives. I’ve had the ability to grow my family and spend time with them, balancing my work, my life and education in a way that a traditional program would not allow.”

~  Beau McNeff, ’11, Master of Business Administration

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