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Welcome to Marylhurst’s Professional Development Center. We offer practical, professional (noncredit) courses and programs for working people to help you grow in your career. We specialize in business process and leadership issues with programs in lean, agile, innovation and we also offer core immersion courses in management and leadership.

No Need to Apply into Marylhurst

It’s easy to sign up for any of our programs, courses or seminars. You don’t need to apply to the university. Our programs are designed for working people looking to learn things they can immediately apply on the job. Find the program you’re interested in. Sign up as instructed. It’s really that simple.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

July 21 – 22  | Group Therapy: Effective Strategies – Counseling Workshop 

This continuing education workshop describes how to create a viable group by following 10 group readiness steps. Participants will learn new ways to link group therapy approaches to clients’ learning styles.

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July 28 – 29  | Bereavement & Art Therapy – Art Therapy Workshop 

This continuing education workshop introduces art therapy as an intervention to help bereaved children, adolescents and their families. Participants review various developmental issues, a variety of theoretical models, and the role of ritual in bereavement.

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August 4 – 5  | Intro to Dance Movement Therapy – Dance Therapy Workshop 

The workshop provides an overview of the dance movement therapy profession, treatment approaches with different ages and populations, assessment strategies and research. Participants learn how dance movement therapy fosters growth and awareness by participating in a movement experience, reading, lecture and discussion.

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August 7 – 18  | Geology in the Pacific Northwest – Teaching & Science Workshop 

Whether you are a teacher seeking professional development CEUs, licensure, or you are an interested community member, Marylhurst invites you to participate in this two week hands-on workshop to learn that each rock and landform in the Pacific Northwest has a story to tell. Workshop participants will investigate and appreicate the process and products of geology and geologic events that occur on scales beyond ordinary human experience. Acquired knowledge and skills will be applied in the field to give relevance to an understanding of our earth and its ever-changing landscape.

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August 11 – 12  | Therapeutic Storytelling Workshop – Counseling Workshop 

This workshop integrates the interpersonal neurobiology perspective with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to better understand how stories can shape, inform and affect our lives. Participants will also investigate how the brain responds to words, and how storytelling affects attachment and emotional/cognitive learning.

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August 18 – 19  | Art Therapy in the Schools – Art Therapy Workshop 

Using art examples, discussion and a hands-on approach, workshop participants explore how art therapy techniques enhance learning, provide assessment data and address behavioral and emotional concerns in a school setting.

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August 25 – 26  | Intro to Art Therapy Workshop 

History and development of the art therapy profession is discussed. Recommended for persons exploring art therapy as a career option and for human services practitioners who wish to acquire basic understanding of art therapy theory and practice.

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October 6 – 7  | Movies, Ethics & Mental Health 

This continuing education workshop presents a focused topic related to art therapy theory and practice. Topics vary from term to term.

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October 20 – 21  | Interpersonal Neurobiology of ADD / ADHD

In this continuing education workshop for licensed professionals, you’ll examine best clinical practices for ADD/ADHD and how they support brain science information.

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November 3 – 4  | Art Therapy and Group Work 

In this continuing education workshop on group therapeutic art, you’ll explore ways to use art to bring a group together.

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