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Trainings and Workshops to Meet Your Professional Development Needs

Welcome to Marylhurst’s Professional Development Center. We offer practical, professional (noncredit) courses and programs for working people to help you grow in your career. We specialize in business process and leadership issues with programs in lean, agile, innovation and we also offer core immersion courses in management and leadership.

Leadership Classes for Your Employees – at Your Site

Leadership Classes at Your Workplace, Marylhurst UniversityAt Marylhurst University, we are active partners in the success of our community. In our Professional Development Center, that takes the form of classes we bring to your workplace, based on what employers have told us they need. We tailor each training to your organization’s culture, mission and goals.

We now offer classes in:

  • Project Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team Building

Coming soon:

  • Multigenerational Workplaces
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Customer Care


  • $2500 for four-hour training with up to 25 participants. Materials fee may be billed separately for trademarked or proprietary materials. Any additional costs such as these are specified within the contract between Marylhurst University and your organization.

Contact Lynn Brown at 503.534.4012 or to discuss your organization’s needs.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops – on Campus or Online

No Need to Apply to Marylhurst. It’s easy to sign up for any of our programs, courses or seminars. You don’t need to apply to the university. Our programs are designed for working people looking to learn things they can immediately apply on the job. Find the program you’re interested in. Sign up as instructed. It’s really that simple.

February 9 – 10  | The Dance of Relationship 

In this continuing education workshop, you’ll study the nonverbal aspects of relationship and communication while considering dance movement therapy concepts that have application to interpersonal relationship. As a participant you will study the meaning of movement in human interaction and explore styles of relating. Learn more and register.

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April 6 – 7  | Interpersonal Neurobiology and Treatment of Depression

This continuing education workshop explores the neurobiological roots of anxiety and depression, and examines how the brain works in therapy and responds to treatment. One of the unexpected consequences of clinical neuroscience is how understanding the brain can increase self-understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others in clinical work.

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May 11 – 12  | Reclaiming Soma

In this continuing education workshop, students explore body awareness as a unifying force in the body-mind-spirit paradigm. Participants engage in body awareness exercises, kinetic imagery and meditative movement. This course will be of interest to participants seeking to replenish personal resources and to learn movement methods, which can be shared with students and clients for stress reduction and centering purposes.

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July 13 – 14  | Group Therapy: Effective Strategies

This continuing education workshop describes how to create a viable group by following 10 group readiness steps. Addresses meeting individual needs while attending to the therapeutic properties of the group and stages of development. Participants will learn new ways to link group therapy approaches to clients’ learning styles.

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July 20 – 21  | Bereavement and Art Therapy

This continuing education workshop introduces art therapy as an intervention to help bereaved children, adolescents and their families. Participants review various developmental issues, a variety of theoretical models, and the role of ritual in bereavement.

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July 27 – 28  | TPC Sandtray

In this workshop you will focus on a topic related to art therapy theory and practice. Topics vary.

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August 3 – 4  | Art Therapy Media & Methods

Through hands-on exploration, discussion and lectures, this workshop introduces students to the structural and psychological properties of varied art media. The implications of this information are discussed in relation to using art media in therapeutic settings. Art therapy methods with individuals and groups are discussed within this context.

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August 10 – 11  | Therapeutic Storytelling

This continuing education workshop integrates the interpersonal neurobiology perspective with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to better understand how stories can shape, inform and affect our lives. Attendees will examine the three common structural elements (departure, initiation and return) of stories and explore archetypes that form universal themes. Participants will also investigate how the brain responds to words, and how storytelling affects attachment and emotional/cognitive learning.

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August 24 – 25  | TPC: Art Therapy Trauma Treatment

Presents a focused topic related to art therapy theory and practice. Topics vary from term to term.

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