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Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon

Why Donate to Help Marylhurst Students

Giving helps sustain Marylhurst University and allows us to serve more students, preparing future entrepreneurs, scholars and leaders to solve problems and face the challenges of our world today.

Your gift allows us to continue Marylhurst’s tradition – more than 120 years of transforming students’ lives. You can trust Marylhurst to use your gift in ways that matter most to our students.

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Why Your Donations Truly Make a Difference

Marylhurst University seeks to raise an additional $100,000 for scholarships for veteran students, their families, high-achieving community college students and others.

In the last five years, thanks to generous donations:

  • 2,671 students were able to complete their degrees
  • $4,376,994 were given in scholarship funds
  • 2,574  individual donors supported Marylhurst
  • 163 corporate partners added their support

Recognizing Our Generous Donors

Beyond personalized statements of gratitude from students who receive scholarship funds, we recognize our generous donors in many ways.

Loyalty Levels

The Marylhurst Fund has several recognition levels with corresponding benefits as our way of showing our appreciation for your support.

Associate level through Fellow: $1 to $499

Educator: $500 to $999

President’s Society: $1,000 or more
With a gift of $1,000 or more, you join a prestigious group of university supporters and receive special benefits, including invitations to the annual President’s Society reception.

1893 Legacy Society: Membership in the 1893 Legacy Society is automatic when an individual or couple remembers Marylhurst in a will or through a planned gift to the university. Members are honored in publications and invited to special events. They also know that their gifts will benefit generations of Marylhurst students to come.

Meet Tim Merritt

Tim Merritt - Marylhurst Student“Receiving the Binford Writing Scholarship indebted me to its donor in how it implored me to work that much harder academically, owing to the responsibility I felt that such an award merited. It was both a confidence boost and a nudge to do my best work.” ~ Tim Merritt