Marylhurst Faculty Biography Directory

Allen, Patricia
Associate Professor, Food Systems & Society

Andrus, Mary
Assistant Professor & Program Director, Art Therapy Counseling

Augee, Joel
Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Programs Director, School of Business

Beer, Laura
Associate Professor
Director, Music Therapy
Chair, Counseling & Creative Therapies

Behre, Keri
Assistant Professor, English

Bladergroen, Karen
Assistant Professor, Art Therapy Counseling
Clinical Coordinator, Art Therapy Counseling

Brown, Lynn
Administrative Faculty
Director, Office of Career Services & Internships

Carpenter, Jan
Associate Professor
Chair, Education

Dabrowski, Jan
Associate Professor, Science & Interdisciplinary Studies

Dardis, Gregory
Assistant Professor, Science & Mathematics

Denny, David
Associate Professor, Communication, Media & Culture

Fallon, Ann Marie
Professor & Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Franklin, Derek
Assistant Professor & Program Director, Art

Gillon, Sean
Assistant Professor, Food Systems & Society
Chair, Interdisciplinary & Applied Liberal Arts

Haek, John
Assistant Professor, Music

Hoover, Nancy
Administrative Faculty
University Librarian

Hopkins, Terri
Emeritus Director and Curator, The Art Gym Gallery

Howard, Kirk
Administrative Faculty
Public Services Librarian

Isaacs, Fred
Associate Professor
Graduate Programs Director, School of Business

Kerns, Perrin
Associate Professor, English

Liggett, Tonda
Associate Professor, Education

Marcus, Susan E.
Associate Professor
External Outreach Coordinator, School of Business

Mazzuca, Scott
Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, School of Business

McAlvage, Katherine
Administrative Faculty
Instructional Designer

McKinney, Kacy
Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Noble-Goodman, Stuart
Director, School of Business

O’Connell-Roussell, Sheila
Associate Professor, Religious Studies Programs

Phillips, Nathan
Administrative Faculty
Director, Center for Learning & Technology

Ponteri, Jay
Associate Professor, English

Randolph, Mike
Assistant Professor, Communication

Rivoire, Bill
Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Roland, Meg
Associate Professor
Chair, Literature & Art

Ross, Emily
Administrative Faculty, Music Therapy

Roussell Jr., Jerry
Associate Professor
Director, Religious Studies Programs

Schiffer, Eileen
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Shell, Blake
Administrative Faculty
The Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Director and Curator, The Art Gym and Belluschi Pavilion

Smith, Justin
Assistant Professor
Director, Choral Activities
Joseph P. Naumes Endowed Chair, Music

Sorenson, Candace
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Tabachnick, Annie
Assistant Professor, Art Therapy Counseling

Takamori, Ayako
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies – Graduate

Urang, John
Assistant Professor, Media & Culture

Vanderstek, Courtney
Instructor, Education

Vincent, Kathleen
Assistant Professor, Education

Voges, Judith
Administrative Faculty
Technical Services Librarian

Wynton, Marina
Assistant Professor, Interior Design
Program Director, Interior Design