Student Records

Viewing and Updating Your Student Records

Your student record is a collection of information about you and your academic history, like your name, what classes you have taken, and when you attended.

Requesting Your Transcripts 

Looking for information on how to order or view your academic transcript? Learn how to view or order your transcript

Accessing Your Grades

Grades are due the second Monday after the end of the term at 10 a.m. Grades are visible in My Marylhurst as soon as an instructor submits them. If you don’t see a grade posted, please check with your instructor directly.

Want to know what your grade means or how your GPA was calculated? View our Grades section.

Replacing Your Diploma or Requesting a Duplicate

You may request in writing a duplicate diploma or certificate to replace an original that has been lost or damaged, to reflect a legal name change, or to have more than one copy to display.

[Learn how to replace or order a duplicate diploma]

Changing Your Student Record

There are two key areas that you can change on your student record – your name and your gender. Both of these changes require certain steps and documentation.

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What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 or FERPA for short (FERPA) establishes requirements regarding the privacy of your student records. You will be notified annually of your FERPA rights through publication of a statement in the university catalog. A printed copy of the notification is available from the Office of the Registrar on request.

FERPA Related Resources and Information