How to View and Understand Your Grades

diploma - MarylhurstStudents can view their grades online via My Marylhurst.

Grades are due the second Monday after the end of the term at 10 a.m. Grades are visible in My Marylhurst as soon as an instructor submits them. If you don’t see a grade posted, please check with your instructor directly.

A grade of WIP in My Marylhurst stands for “work in progress.” WIP displays as a placeholder until the instructor submits a grade.

Our Grading Scale and Grade Terms

Grading is on a 4.00 scale. Only grades earned at Marylhurst are computed in the grade point average (GPA).

  • A (4.00), A- (3.67)
  • B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67)
  • C+ (2.33), C (2.00), C- (1.67)
  • D+ (1.33), D (1.00), D- (0.67)
  • F (0.00)

P (Pass)
NP (No pass)
CEU (Continuing Education Units – Satisfactory Completion)
NCE (Continuing Education Units – Unsatisfactory Completion)
AU (Audit)
I (Incomplete)
IP (In Progress)
R (Repeated Course)
W (Withdrawal)
X (No Grade Submitted)
Y (Never Attended, or never logged in to an online class)

How is Grade Point Average Calculated?

GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points by the total GPA-bearing credit hours (Pass/No pass grades are not GPA-bearing). Quality points are calculated by multiplying the grade points for each grade earned by the number of credit hours.

A (4.00) x 3 credits = 12.00 quality points
B+ (3.33) x 1 credit = 3.33 quality points

Overall GPA is found by adding up the total quality points and dividing by the total number of GPA-bearing credits.

Total quality points = 12.00 + 3.33 = 15.33
Total credits = 3+1 = 4
GPA = 15.33 / 4 = 3.83

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